Amidst the ocean of love, there was a natural pearl..

Precious and beautiful as none,

Ready to come out of the shell,

Envisaging about the colourful world…

Unaware of the scene outside,

full of anger and lies,

desiring to appear and be visible,

 under the blue vast  sky…

It wanted to live through all the wides,

 Experiencing  the worldly tides…

To have a glimpse of the serene nature,

 To feel the beauty of innocent  people,

To appreciate  the gift of god,

 And perceive the world in another form…


It neither  feared  the strange change..nor did it get itself shelved..

The pearl wanted to step into the place,where life pervaded…

As chosen by god,at a given time,

The  white beauty stepped out of its shell …

unshaped ,unglazed was its surface,

to become more adorning,

it got shaped and beaded…

While getting beaded , man became  more skillful

as he crafted it more precisely…

presenting it in a beautiful look…

It made the owner more proud

And he flaunted the piece in his showroom..

Passers by grew passionate

Dreaming  and craving for their weakness…

it bedecked the slim neck of a woman,

making her more desiring,

fascinating one’s dreams ,

 making it alluring…


And so a tiny pearl that was inside a shell for years..

came out in the atmosphere,

 to give its best..

to the unknown  world..

silently and slowly spreading love,

it carried its duty with sincere effort,

The white gem  knew its purpose on the earth,

Silently it completed  the assigned work…


If only we realize

The beauty of our birth,

Performing our duties as silently as the pearl ..

Peaceful will be the world,

Leaving the earth as preserved…