I have lost my pen its nib – golden once scribbled ceaselessly while the world retired to the cushion of comfort every night the quill loved to brush against the papyrus…   leaking on blank pages the painful emotions which were witness of sordid transitions helplessly, yet as a powerful weapon narrating every encounter thus… Read More THE LOST PEN


On the piece of paper fluttering beside, a pen scrolls down and scribbles the time, moments lived, cherished in mind, like the old bottled wine!   Lines flow, joining words, remembering instances,never wondered, flying back to the past, the paper still lives in the present arch!   Jotted ink goes on and on, till it… Read More WRITING!


              Nothingness within…  void but not serene… vacuumed thoughts, converging into nothing…   Everything surrounding seems a routine… newness lost… in melancholy profound…   Calmness inside… vanished  in the noise, the zeal of  love, disappeared  …. leaving behind no choice…     Exuberance in feelings… enthusiasm in words, Iam… Read More NOTHINGNESS !