Classy chose few embellished dreams
They signify the status and reach
impractical and hard to decipher
The nomenclature of the modern day objective.
What fuss the jargons create thus
 piling with verbiage
 leaving aside rectitude and veracity
with dancing doldrums of the coloured goals
announces the widely acclaimed aspiration.
Preferred if, another idyllic venture
Lies which beyond the commoner’s comprehension
assumes the widespread then
there doesn’t exist any such profession.
In servitude of mankind thus
to render free expression in form of few precious words
which reveal the  candor  of self
to uplift the withering sense of the perishing humanity…
is my chosen noble profession.












Standing amidst the moving crowd of faces and shadows,

the tall elegant composed persona ,

motionless, stationary,

watching every move of the glamorous and destitute world….


Multitudinous dreams brushing past,

stored and hidden in cores of the heart,

countless figures traversing the path,

which always gets busy or lost…


Life with reflections of  dissimilar  contrasts,

Births of innocent vibes,

deaths of fallen broken ideas,

living of stagnant outlooks,

languishing for a glimpse of true psyche …


The static one sheds a tear,

smiles for a while,

standing amidst the life divine…imploring

the souls walking beside…

to be alive…


Unlike itself,who cannot move,

stuck to the ground for years,

The statue of  a noble Zeus,

cries and weeps for everyone…



The one who rode the chariots of destiny,

leading through the earthly mutiny,

donnes a colourful plume on his crown,

playing notes of divine harmonic sound…



Guiding and escorting the wheels of fear,

Racing ahead with the reins in his control and gear,

revealing the philosophy behind principles and beliefs,

enlightening the soul as an ubiquitious colossal seer…



Echoing the conch ,dispelling the negative inhibitions,

proclaiming a combat against the hostile false egos and forces,

infusing the apprehensive soul with courage and valor,

grooming it to deal with hostile adverse  resentment in behaviour…



The innocent soul experiences the unknown and unfamiliar,

Incredulity and skepticism takes time to wash away the conjecture,

with gratitude and stupefaction, faith and devotion brings him near,

To surrender and resign his immortal tender soul,

in the feet of the eternal infinite boundless lord of the universal sphere…


The noble river

While I sat on the banks of a river ….,

I felt my emotions driven  by,

 the flow of the white flowing water ,

amidst the  serene forest  nearby..

Deep down the river bed,

where the aquatic beings  dwell,

My heart dives in  and wishes to be ,

a part of that colourful cell …

Thousands of flora and fauna,

swaying in between,

oblivious of the outside world,

living in a dream …..


As the river gushes through,

valleys and mountains all new,

She  carries away my solitude,

leaving me completely anew..



Running through different regions,

Quenching thirst of everyone,

The river  absorbs their loneliness and fear,

till she  reaches the assigned  destination  …


Whilst I watch the river flowing,

vivaciously  forth,

Forgetting  the pains  and struggles,

that she ever had suffered..

Precluding  the sorrows of the ones,

  who came to her  recourse…

The noble river accomplishes the

purpose which is  exclusively  hers..