O! Noble soul!…

The moment has come  ,

to depart from this world,

To go to a different plane,

 away from the worldly gain…

How is that  plane different from ours?

One more dimension added or another  lost?

senses five are resumed or ..

something more leaves you astound?

Is it a land of angels ?

or an astral place of heaven?

What do you see ,  O! noble soul!

Have you reached your destination!

Like other souls ,do you still wander along!

 what lies …

 for the souls who had done wrong!

O! noble soul!

all souls are indeed …noble!

But their deeds on this earth,

makes all the difference..



Astringed by the bonds of love,

attachment cannot abate,

how do you fortify yourself..

from the subsequent change…

Is all the severance  natural..

as you leave the worldly plane…

Or are you so mesmerised  …

to be in one with the highest ordeal!