In Solitude, I hear !

Gaped the tired restless eyes through eternity
piercing the silent whispers of the starry sky
hearing the conversation between the radiant moon and its love
throughout the emptiness,dwelt the heart in the ether of sky…

Reminiscences like fumes of incense
filled the air with scented memories
blooms of night jasmine smiled
at the solitude ,being alone and clear…

listening to the chords of inner voice
with the quiet atmosphere
resounded the night
directions of life to be taken…
Thence I find a path obscure
reaches which to the gorgeous moon in heaven
neither commonly traversed nor taken …

decides the mind, in accordance with the inner realm
The route of self-realization
which commands
real courage and valor,
to stand firm on every avenue
until the goal is achieved with perfection…




there’s silence in the wind tonight

which doth caress the leaves tender

quietly the stars fell asleep

while twinkling in the sky of dreams…

the white jasmine unfurls and tucks

its exuberant fragrance within

timidly the nectar hides

in the  lap of petals closing…

the beguiled moon casts a look

on the scene enchanting

beneath the stream flows along

resonating the lore singing…

in the midst of night ,

my eyes view the aura captivating

allured by the wind tonight

I sleep in  the enticing atmosphere!

A Frozen Night

Tonight the sky seems clear and dark,
the shining moon is hiding 
Perhaps !!! blushing like a newly wed,
peeping from clusters of cloud traveling!

the dew drops too have vanished
the grass looks dry and cold,
few stars twinkle ,without a word,
the night seems more chilled and I tremble!

the serene breeze of seaside 
gets more violent and stronger,
piercing the delicate skin
the spine shakers and shivers.

What a frozen night of glacial winds,
the atmosphere turns  icy 
wintry darkness rules the mind,
the heart frosts in rimy coldness.


With the setting sun the saffron radiance dissolved in the atmosphere,the darkness of the skies engulfed the ambience. Sooner or later , there was supposed to be a full moon light,where luminous effulgence bathed the world dispelling all the darker chimes. 

Untill then when the cycle completes ,the fortnight slowly walks and creeps ,every night will see the iniquity ,each hour of the dark will  reflect immorality.

Nox , must never had dreamt of such evil shadowing her beauty,but the minds of  many individuals have littered the charismatic visual.

Steadily as the moon grows each night, a ray of hope emerges and twinkles to shine with a faith in the heart that the lucent one shall dawn with wisdom and some conscience reflected onto every soul,that walk devoid of these for ages unseen.

Amongst the dead maze of the authoritative positions, with confusion in thoughts and prevalence of cannibals ,what a life shall the soul live amidst such barbarous ones, untill it armours self with a self defined preposition. Where the head is held high with conviction , mind alert in any contradictions, heart immersed in faith and hope, body ready to defend and guard itself from any aggressive force.

Bedecked and panoplied with every jewel of  life, we await the refulgence of the full moon night!

When the day will have the golden sunshine and night shall bring silvery shine!

When any hour of the whole day shall never make us succumb to fall as prey! 

With trustfulness and belief in self, I stand here praying for every generation! 



“Do you want me to love you”?
asked the prince and she flew,
how can she reply to these words…
that made her 
perplexed , blush and blue?
In the dark hours of  silence,
when the world sleeps ,
the prince reappeared again,
as if it was a dream…
She was motionless and still,
but her heart pounding fast,
as if the beats could be heard by him …
thousands of miles past…
Once again she got under the spell of the lost prince,
despite deciding that she wont fall for his charms indeed,
use less were the decisions that her mind took,
for her heart could never be ruled by hook or crook…
Confused and overjoyed,she bid him goodbye,
letting her dreams take over while she slept by,
the golden morning brought a new smile on her face,
Soon  she realized it was a dream she saw last night,
which was only a destiny’s game…
Sadly she tucked the overwhelmed feelings inside,
gearing up for the real world in which her emotions strived…
 still with a smile she welcomed the nuances of her intricate life…
For the prince had whispered in her ears,
 “you have a heart of gold with studded diamonds inside…”


A  creaking noise disrupts the quietness of the dark,

A shadow moves quietly  along the corners of the wall,

a squeaky disturbance is heard suddenly,

with some utensils falling in the kitchen ostentatiously…

A sudden upsurge awakes the mind,

Is it a thief for larceny?

Carrying a knife with him,

to slit  if I scream ?

A squealing sound breaks the haunting silence of the night,

stopping my breath for an instance in the darkened time,

groping and fumbling for the switch ,

I stumble upon something..and scream upright….

What was that ? which my skin felt,

soft,and fleshy ….Oh !!ooo!!! like a melting gel,

The moment  I turn on the light,

I am ashamed to find a small cat beside,

trying to find her way out from the entangled bundle of textile…

In a hurry,I had forgotten to shut the rear door of the yard,

from where the little one had arrived,

in hope of some milk lukewarm,

the smell had surely made her lick …her whiskers in the kitchen sink,

where she bumbled and tripped,

letting the dishware go and slip….

shocking me with strangest botch,

later making me smile ..

for my stupid ridiculous thought!  🙂






With changes like never before ,

My pen stops writing and abhors ,

The sense of vacuumness inside ,

The silent night on the seaside…


Waves rising falling again,

Still the sound gets absorbed someway,

In the hollow nights of pine,

Filling the soaked eyes more with rain…



Breeze touching and moving beside,

Just to remind the love tides,

Reminiscences of the times,

When your breath could be felt by mine…


The urge to submerge in those moments ,

when echoes of the heart said,

language and speech alike and same,

in the epoch of  eternal  ceaseless  love game…





As I try to wink and sleep,

amidst the melodious memories,

a face smiling pops in,

to disturb me in my dreams…




I open the eyes with a shake,

suddenly feeling as if travelled the lane,

in a few moments before the second,

down the past histories of fame…


Middle of night and the wee hours,

I get up having a thought of yours,

again the next instant I close my eyes,

to reach in the land of heaven…



what a conjuring night of  love,

without you and your touch,

feeling the caressing wonder ,

even when you are far away from here…