Thee , the emperor of the cosmos,

one who reigns the galaxy,

The pristine nature


 on his glance…

whose tears flow on earth

 as sacred Ganges,

To thee! I salute,

 who visions the creation…


Soul of mine , thine art,

Thou colours have painted …

with the emblazoned emotions

…whence shimmers my heart…



I owe to Thou ,

the Supreme Lord ,

Craftsman of this existence

The Magnanimous artiste,

Every second, every moment,

Every joy,

that I have knoweth

Every tear,

every breath ,

 the ceaseless energy 

that keeps me dead or alive!!!!



diwali candles


Music echoes  in my ears.,

I wonder why I’m in tears,

Why do I feel I went far away,

 Just returned hearing the music play…

I travelled to the paths untrodden,

I moved around the places forbidden,

The way which I went I  don’t remember,

But the feeling of joy is not expressible…

I find myself lying on my bed ,

I am surprised!

How could I roam to places ,

in  the middle of the night…

Surely I went on that rare trip,

where the  earth ended and

something new begins..

The mystic place…

with overwhelming feel,

My memories fail to recollect,

what I spoke in between…

I can visualise the experience,

The way I travelled and where I went,

I  can distinguish what happened,

But my heart can’t find words…

and my voice trembles…

What mystique! that bedazzled

 my  mind and my being,

I felt like I abandoned  myself   ,

On the behest of the Supreme being…


My soul  became metaphysical ,

As I traversed  down on his beckon,

On the complex path of  the spirituality,

In search of the divine  light..