Its evening time and he walked down the street that went straight to the sandy shores. The hustle bustle of the town nearly fades away as the street bends around the edges and moves towards the golden beach.The crowd too starts disappearing as the road moves on.

Rarely do people  walk across this road for everyone is busy in their fight for survival.

People having families sometimes occasionally drop in there,for the sake of their children who like to run and build castles in the sands.

He ran his fingers through his soft hair and walked on gazing at the serene atmosphere and the sky which showed reflections of thousands of colours that he never saw before.Was it the sky that was giving him an indication or was he been open to the vibrations now?

It was a mystery.

It always is.Nature at every step gives us an indication of the happenings that are going to affect our lives,be it good or bad.Its just a way of providing hint from the invisible one to us,the ones who always believe the things visible or seen.

For some even feelings and emotions shouldn’t matter too ,as they are not seen but just felt. Human mind always has the reasoning ready to defend the poorly conceived ego held   inside just to satisfy the hunger of being superior or important.

As he stepped in the sands of the quiet shore, a sudden feeling of calmness grasped him.Never had he felt so relaxed and soothing . The touch of the beautiful sensation of the golden particles made him smile unknowingly at nothing. He didn’t care of what the people around him were thinking or saying. He just went on…slowly into the waters that came in form  of gentle waves to touch and kiss the shore.

So pure and selfless they looked,rising falling over the sea,reaching the shore after bridging the long distance of the sea ..and then simply touching and returning back from the shores without grumbling.As if it was their work to be endlessly in the cycle of such a game.

The sun had set now and the moon with the galaxy of stars had stepped in.The sky looked amazing and the view very enchanting.Nevertheless,he had never noticed such a moment in his whole life with such focus and observation.He again smiled back ,this time engulfing the fresh breath of air around him as if rejuvenating his mind and soul..

The next morning he got up unlike the rest of the days,early and on sunrise.With a fresh zeal of enthusiasm and smile on his face and in his heart, he started the day with full passion.

Every stress and tension that had swallowed his peace of mind had vanished and he could see the colours of the sky more clearly than ever.



Morning mist, heavy eyes,lazy looks,

stretching the arms to the ends,

bending and standing slowly through…


Steps stumbling, yawns trembling,

what a lazy morning the weekend brings through!


Believing  this ,I open the glass doors,

a fresh breeze gushes suddenly indoors…


Instantly my eyes go wide,

tresses blowing,

smile  broadening,

blood starts rushing in a faster pace,

from the inner heart to the  ends of toe and brain…









The aurous charming rays of  the rise,

coolness of the wind that smiles,

joyous dancing of the birds,

fluttering in the trees and above…


Hastily I change in a bright coloured  tee

 with  lowers below,

humming to the tunes of a song,

putting on the shoes …I  trod ..

merrily ushering the laziness ..

with a sweep erase the tod…


On the sides of the golden waters,

walking and gazing at the morning atmosphere,

a beautiful sense of joy gets infused,

filling in me the enthusiasm reduced…


Rejuvenating, reanimating,

freshness leaps… like waves rebound,

transforming a  sloth ,

into a wonderful zealous new born!


When the sun comes out of a long sleep,

The rays dazzle around ,

 From behind the clouds and peep,

The beautiful birds start their day,

With a song that makes everybody happy and  gay,

The river beside looks silent,

And a jump from a fish,

Makes it vibrant;

The flowers around bloom and smile,

 Butterflies and bees dance for a while,

This new dawn awakens in me,

A freshness and confidence :

To face and cross  a new tide,

Every day life has more tensions and more lies,

Which makes us feel miserable and dried,

But as  the golden dawn comes ,

It spreads its arms and welcomes;

To fill in me the sense of pride ,

And make my inner self confident :

To face the diffficulties  and abide.

The beauty of the golden dawn,

Which comes in gift of a beautiful morn,

Instills in us faith and hope ;

To fight back in life  and cope ,

And the fact that there’s God ,

For every being and every storm.

THis post was published in another blog of mine on anothersite..republishing it here.