Written for PICTURE IT & WRITE-Ermilia’s Blog!



Dancing on the floating skies,

the silver moon  pressed its lips and smiled,

hiding behind the darkness.

peeping from…behind the stillness…

majestically it ruled the

night extremely silent….

Beyond the splendid imagination

of brilliant minds

Magnificently shimmered its

half resplendent figure…

Association with lovers

since ages it bedecked,

connecting two souls

on farthest corners

with its  gorgeous glimpse…

Through mute words of romance

it spoke

imparting passion

graciously moving

with elan

for the yearning lovers!


For the new moon I decked the nature

with the silent dewdrops

appearing like pearls

over the beautiful soft laden grass.

The silvery stars spoke

of the adorned love

twinkling with smiles and laughter

sparkled the whole universe….

Pleasant gentle breeze moved

swaying the daffodils

lilies loved the sweet fragrance

which reached them from the jasmines…

Miles and miles

the light spread…

traveling  along your path

  the new moon I met

gorgeously peeping

from behind the grey white clouds

of the sky….

Translucent drops

glittering on edges

of leaves fresh

and the dangling branches!

Basking in delight

relish the wondrous nature

which I created !

O ! human

for your pleasure….

 elucidating the world with light!