The silvery streak !

through the broken pane of thy window,
peeps the silvery streak
glows thine radiance in luminous waves
why doth it then steal
the charm of thy cheeks,
knoweth it not,
thou art mine,
mingles it in thy silken locks,
rusheth out quickly,
hiding behind the grey peaks …



in the dark hours of midnight
while the moon ducked and slept tight,
the ruling stars twinkled and smiled
“we are the sparkle tonight”…
for hours they played
they ran across
in the vast sky stretched till long…
without limits without inhibitions
dressed in luminous white constellation
shined they and sang together
their own song…in cosmic rhythm.
what a gorgeous night
it turned to be
the moon was hidden amidst lap of destiny…
as the dawn neared
the stars vanished
bidding adieu to the world for a while.


there’s silence in the wind tonight

which doth caress the leaves tender

quietly the stars fell asleep

while twinkling in the sky of dreams…

the white jasmine unfurls and tucks

its exuberant fragrance within

timidly the nectar hides

in the  lap of petals closing…

the beguiled moon casts a look

on the scene enchanting

beneath the stream flows along

resonating the lore singing…

in the midst of night ,

my eyes view the aura captivating

allured by the wind tonight

I sleep in  the enticing atmosphere!

A Frozen Night

Tonight the sky seems clear and dark,
the shining moon is hiding 
Perhaps !!! blushing like a newly wed,
peeping from clusters of cloud traveling!

the dew drops too have vanished
the grass looks dry and cold,
few stars twinkle ,without a word,
the night seems more chilled and I tremble!

the serene breeze of seaside 
gets more violent and stronger,
piercing the delicate skin
the spine shakers and shivers.

What a frozen night of glacial winds,
the atmosphere turns  icy 
wintry darkness rules the mind,
the heart frosts in rimy coldness.



I cried silently in melancholy

on banks of  a river

playing with the pebbles nearby

shedding the precious  tears…


Few of the sparkling beads

got trickled in the water

diffusing scent of passionate love

in the zephyr…


Like incense , redolent fragrance

vaporized in the air

seeing the luminous crescent

radiating in the flowing river…


Blushed I , the bride for a night

awaiting her effulgent lover

a glimpse of whom

surged my feelings upheaval!


Smiled the king of my life

when the waves stirred

beckoning my love with embrace

proclaims me as the night princess.


Here I come O! my love!

Cereus ,am I called,

For a night, I bloom ,

To be with you till the day dawns!


Behold ! for I dance for a night

swaying with my lover

the ardous scene would compel

you ,to drink the drops of nectar…


Of glossy shine ,petals divine

in zeal I bask,without fear,

tho’  I know

Iam Cereus ,the night blooming flower

who blossoms in  nightime,

as crown of Nox,

only once a year!


















She walks in the night

glowing and bright

like a wave that touched the

silver shore…


With lovely caress of

her silken tresses,

like the grey clouds kissing

the moon above….


with a mysterious look

she glances around,

as the lovely stars that

peep on the ground..


Fragrance fills the air

where she goes,

sweetly as the

tranquiled  rose.


A twinkle in her eyes.

a gleam rich and divine,

she moves forth

with the air that flows…


Every soul dreams of her

she glides amongst the

clouds in heaven…

when a hand holds

her with comfort,

she stays with him

in life forever.


Written for PICTURE IT & WRITE-Ermilia’s Blog!


Dancing on the floating skies,

the silver moon  pressed its lips and smiled,

hiding behind the darkness.

peeping from…behind the stillness…

majestically it ruled the

night extremely silent….

Beyond the splendid imagination

of brilliant minds

Magnificently shimmered its

half resplendent figure…

Association with lovers

since ages it bedecked,

connecting two souls

on farthest corners

with its  gorgeous glimpse…

Through mute words of romance

it spoke

imparting passion

graciously moving

with elan

for the yearning lovers!


For the new moon I decked the nature

with the silent dewdrops

appearing like pearls

over the beautiful soft laden grass.

The silvery stars spoke

of the adorned love

twinkling with smiles and laughter

sparkled the whole universe….

Pleasant gentle breeze moved

swaying the daffodils

lilies loved the sweet fragrance

which reached them from the jasmines…

Miles and miles

the light spread…

traveling  along your path

  the new moon I met

gorgeously peeping

from behind the grey white clouds

of the sky….

Translucent drops

glittering on edges

of leaves fresh

and the dangling branches!

Basking in delight

relish the wondrous nature

which I created !

O ! human

for your pleasure….

 elucidating the world with light!




Embraced your absence with fragrance of my soul,

I lived every moment in flowers of zephyr,

those which coloured my colourless sight,

their essence  filled my heart’s  nectar…


With open arms I welcomed,

the   gentle wind that traveled 

absorbed within the feel of you,

it sprayed the mist of your presence.


Beside the shores where i walked,

the setting sun smiled and laughed,

for the waves came kissed me goodbye,

and i still awaited your sight…


Enthralling night ,the moon shone high,

I sat with noises of turbulent sighs,

The smoke of the chimney rose ,

The saucepan burnt ….






Breeze of fragrance in the air,
pervading the tranquil atmosphere,
through the nights of dark and bright,
whistling in my ears so near….
Soothing and exotic feel,
senses rise and fall within,
like the tides of sea aside,
on a full moon or darker night…
Like a crescent its enchanting,
like the euphony its enthralling,
whenever a flower blooms around,
Its such a beauty captivating…
Seasons changed with revolutions,
the earth still rotates without inhibitions,
Thriving and simultaneous responsible natures,
It carries forth with great effort…
When do I see your such sight?
Dual existence still upright,
like last night when came beside,
exhilaration near my nape behind,
beamed me off to moon alight!!!