On the damp soil of your feelings

I walk few steps barefooted

Wets the earth of perfumed love

My feet scarred and scaled…

In garlands exotic, grandeur of

scented flowers exhume

I try to seek a glimpse

of you in solace…

Neither my word shall reach

Nor my voice can you hear

Thy wind though the messenger

carries the thoughts of embraced affection

How I wish you would perceive

my inner silence

in the shivering night’s vibration

Where turbulence hath

topsy-turvy the waves of my heart

Though in every breath

I utter your name,

in every moment in your love, I bask!


Glowing balls in the sky 
sparkling with dazzled fire,
 Wishes mine are the embers
 Burning with bright desire...

Lost and lonely i was
 untill i heard your decision
 Molten thoughts flowed away
 While on way to your carnival...

You lived amidst the valley of flowers
 Where heaven was shy of
 The beauteous creation...

I stepped in your paradise
 echoed the words then in my ears,
 Of the song that we had hummed together...
 "There will a moment of bliss
 When you and my soul  shall meet...
 Inspite of lips being stitched
 Love will be in our eyes for each other..."


“As a beautiful flower,

you blossom diffusing  fragrances

dipped in the essence of ardor,

I reckon you are my love…

sparkling like a jewel .


a diamond you’re,

you reflect such a persona,

Iam mesmerized by the glitter,

the lustre of your aura…

 a smile bedecks your beauty

adorning your persona.


I get hypnotized

by your passion

 in your thoughts I drown,

wishing  to be your desire,

like a lover of your dreams….”

Beauty in Contrast
(Photo credit: deep shot)

O ! my soulful heart! O!  the gentle  breeze! 

Impart my love to her!

She is the soothing caress, for my  anguished nerve…








A song that we loved to sing,

together in the days of spring,

with swinging flowers blooming,

and streams of the river flowing…


Music of which you composed,

I wrote the lyrics foretold,

together we hummed in a tune,

melodies of which can never get old…










Hours of  patience, heaps of love,

compiled in a sweetest song  ever,

touch of intense emotions to cry,

infinite moments when we lived and died…


Euphonic sounds, echoing in the nature,

dispersing in the saffron coloured atmosphere,

shrilling notes of the strings we can hear,

resounding in the forest sprawling near…


Eternal song of our adore,

sung together on earth , 

reverberates throughout the cosmos…

flowing with incessant splendour!