The Unsung Lore


the unsung lyrics of thou and me

reside in the involute spirals of life

sometimes being blown by winds of time

often displayed as colours of a tiny butterfly

Oh ! that tiny shell knew the lore

heard it while lying offshore

tis a fable of thou and me

sung by nature silently

beyond the perishable limits of life

crossing the impermanence line

yeah! it dwells like fragrance in flowers

as luminous radiance of moon for hours

in the dancing waves of the pragmatic ocean

in the notes of reed made with blades of scattered plants

growing far in forests or like the sanddunes of a desert…


Hear the melody

we blend as music and words

in moments of ecstasy.



Thy sobriquet

plucked I from the garden of epithets
a wondrous appellation
Sapphire! Thy sobriquet,
I sway gently in thy ecstatic kingdom
leaning against the sweet whisperings of thine creations
In moments together sitting parallel across the seven oceans
yet under the same vast expanse,
Thee soaking in the golden sun,
while I drench myself in monsoon showers
prompting minutes
of our pristine meet,
like an expected ephemeral juncture

Floweth like wind!

shone the glow of your face in shimmering sparkles
Ya !  I am stupefied, charmed
by the smile of your grandeur…
Floweth like wind,
who caressing the soft temple
my brows are jealous
whisked out quickly the
kiss between their splendor.

the penetrating feel of
the affection,
a simple peck
imprinted on wall of adoration.

oh! I melted in seconds
transformed the frigid nature
like fragments of dew,I
disperse and mingle
with the dancing breeze amateur.


How far ,how long!

years end,

seasons change

time moves

moments chained…

beneath the surface

when can you see

the soft bosom of delicate care


months pass

life with challenges moves on…

yet you are blind to

my revealed …inner self …

how long, how far

shall I strive to carry on

when you still can’t see

my unselfish being!



Let me be alone O! wind of the changing season,
Tis autumn fall,which changeth now,
I want to feel the rustling of fallen leaves
now on the path untrodden…
Let me be alone ! O ! breeze of the new season,
I wish to breathe in the old air,
the zephyr where I dreamt
few strands in hues of love and despair…
Let me be alone! O! troubling wind!
Why doth you caress my hair ,
it reminds me of beloved,
who is far away from my land!!!
Leave me alone ! O ! wind of love!
your intense exotic essence,
perfumes my breath within
as i inhale the flowing gentle breeze!
Come back to me !
when you doth bring
a gift from my love,
a token of fresh kisses
wrapped in satin touch of yours!

Tis my love !



thy said I dwell in the nook of the heart

for my light shatters the world apart,

hidden I lie under a  shroud

covering the luminous circle round!


bedazzled by the sparkle of love

many hath run away ,stayed none,

for the heart shone like radiant gold

with diamonds studded as precious stones..

some envied,some hath died,

out of rage and fury for a while

i shy away from the world in dark…

concealing the lucent debark …


Yet ,failingly some catch a glimpse,

touch they to have a feel

burns the hands of those who play

with the evil in their minds while sweet words say!


Sheepishly, I stand beside,

smiling with a gentle smile,

wary of every step near

deliberately going behind….


yet,awaits the heart

for the love…

which could bear the scorching sun

in cold nights to become an embrace,

kissing my forehead ,like an ardent lover…


A pure and a sublime soul

an invisible end ,where I oar

entwined by silken threads

of love

since aeon…





A Song of heart!

Shreds the veins of the heart

dripping scarlet blood

the piercing words

thy uttered

killing the soft bosom…


nurture I the flower of dreams,

crush you with your

crumbled speech

shies away the bud thence,

away from the world so mean…


Hitherto to be plucked by the withering time

the moment to perish hasn’t arrived

seasons change in despair

cries the soul in love,profound.


Hail ! thy wind

Halt! thy clouds

listen to the wounded core’s shout,

can you absorb the pain and

sing before the Lord!

what should the soul pray for

Peace,Tranquil,or Joy,

Happiness to cherish

or Love from her thou!!!





On the damp soil of your feelings

I walk few steps barefooted

Wets the earth of perfumed love

My feet scarred and scaled…

In garlands exotic, grandeur of

scented flowers exhume

I try to seek a glimpse

of you in solace…

Neither my word shall reach

Nor my voice can you hear

Thy wind though the messenger

carries the thoughts of embraced affection

How I wish you would perceive

my inner silence

in the shivering night’s vibration

Where turbulence hath

topsy-turvy the waves of my heart

Though in every breath

I utter your name,

in every moment in your love, I bask!


Silver shimmery bathed the earth
the full moon smiled
cascading luminous waves
with the advent of  night...

Riding on the chariot incandescent,
 embezzling arrives 
  the crescent enchant
in search of  the Goddess Nox
through the tresses  of dark,
runs he, fingers white and soft,
reaching dense forests
looking for his lady charm!

magically the spell begins
the blind breeze  gets entranced in love,
it blows everywhere
as the zephyr becomes redolent!

Gazes the moon at the resplendent beauty 
as a maddened lover in reverie,
brilliant aptness of amor stands,
as the Taj Mahal on Indian sands!





From the ashes of thoughts I emerge in a form

lofty I soar in the skies

 love is my soulful passion,

ardor my compassion.


For drops of blood

of ruby’s worth

dripping like

drops of precious nectar

I hold them in my cup of heart

rebirthing as the eternal amor!


Thy filled the thousand lakes of joys

But hath this not been ever seen

 lotus eyes brimmed with dewdrops

like pearls they fall and cascade there in…


left alone the body and mind

I set forth the journey with my soul

On the steep terrains

when my faith tries to slide down…


This  resile from the burnt

creates a new life,

reviving like a life from dead

from the ashes left in oblivion…