She walks in the night

glowing and bright

like a wave that touched the

silver shore…


With lovely caress of

her silken tresses,

like the grey clouds kissing

the moon above….


with a mysterious look

she glances around,

as the lovely stars that

peep on the ground..


Fragrance fills the air

where she goes,

sweetly as the

tranquiled  rose.


A twinkle in her eyes.

a gleam rich and divine,

she moves forth

with the air that flows…


Every soul dreams of her

she glides amongst the

clouds in heaven…

when a hand holds

her with comfort,

she stays with him

in life forever.


Walking  on the shores of life feeling the sunshine,

As we trod in the sands of time,

the waves come and kiss our feet ,

Only to leave us as the waves recede…




Lines added by Prashant:



they tell us about a life beyond

 in the touch of subtle memories,

 the waves glitter with the rays of hope,

 and few pages of our life’s diaries…