Into the depths of  the heart,

a  journey is undertaken in solitude ,

walking alone on the rough edges,

The sole gets hurt with piercing  pain…








The road which goes within,

into the dwellings of the stream,

whose source is the rich mute bosom ,

from where it flows endlessly with water  pristine…

is never traversed with anyone,

people around,or amidst the crowd…

the journey of  this kind…

is rare and occasionally  found….


But moments in life do concur,

 bring to light such endeavour,

when everyone has to map this distance ,

the gap with conscience, depth and wisdom…

to carry forth the life’s continous wave …

for ceaseless never ending ritual…









Destined it is for every soul,

be it now or later unknown,

groping in the dark some fall,

some get dazzled by the luminous core,

Varying feelings, varying thoughts,

according to the body and mind’s ball,

…Such a moment is sure to  begin…

when we stand alone on the path…

and set about  the  journey within …

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A glimpse of yours is what I have flipping through the pages,
my eyes get struck there  for they cant avoid your presence,
seeing your image in black and white, my senses got captivated…
carrying me like a whirlwind , they stormed  for ages!!!
Endless the journey seemed,travelling through different airs,
the intensity of the beguiling charm never dampened in phases,
jaunting my way with excitement and contentment, I drove on,
the destination of this implausible path was nowhere formed!!!
The coup d’oeil transformed so many feelings,
tincturing my sensations with your dreams,
the feel of which broadened my smile,
enraptured by the thought of being with you for a while….


On the golden beaches of the sea,
where  day and night always meet,
the place on earth…one horizon,
where sun shines with warmth…
 the night dazzles with moon and stars …
A walk on such a  sandy beach ,
fills the heart with joy and delight,
hand in hand the couples go,
barefooted on wet shores…
to feel the wetness of the sands
the dampness and the friction of the land….
The small journey along the waves,
watching the crest and trough quaint,
the waters reaching the feet …and receding…
Makes us realize the dimension of life ,
diminishing the bloated pain. ..
within the structure of our frame…
The cool breeze swaying the hair,
the wavy sea absorbs the thoughts…
of sorrows and struggles in despair,
refreshing the mind and soul within…
Such a stroll by the sea,
 with you, beside me, 
forgetting the routine,
being with you in your dreams,
feeling the tender vibes of heart,
in the moments of the hour…
I missed the times,
I missed the feel…
the romance in the air serene …
we both lost the road ,
of the journey to the world of  dreams…


In awe you gaze at me,wondering what makes me so genuine,

or are you astonished to see the transparent thought within me,

forget the logic and the reasoning,for affection is evergreen,

residing in the core of mine ,in any situation in any stream…


be yourself and you will know,what Iam and what makes me go,

getting conscious will never help, to realise the depth of the self,

destiny unique brings souls together , unexplainable bonds thereafter,

life moves on continously,making us remind of the strange thing…


never get surprised nor shocked in life, as impossible is nothing in the depths of time,

accept the way life presents you,never surrendering but flowing  like new,

facing the changes and challenges , with a smile and love for every hand,

you never know who came across, a soul angelic or divine in form….!


Through the tunnels of time and space,

when the mind travels without any haze,

searching someone on the unprecedented trail,

In a world of an astral plane…

The journey is terrifying,excruciating,

nauseating like a roller coaster ride,

blackening out the vision  and thoughts,

erasing the memories of a wondrous soul..

suddenly there’s light around,

illuminating the space so profound,


beings moving,

nothing so serene

and so astonishing…

lakes,rivers,nature blessed,

this world seemed to be the best,

no sinful thought, nor any guilt,

the place is like a heaven built…

Before I could search for the being,

an inner voice thrusted on,

This is an ideal place for the soul,

who deserves this heaven  than the earth…

Do not force or pull along,

to bring it back to the deathly ground,

where every moment a soul dies,

before getting on the funeral pyre..

where humility and peace are just few words,

the living race is beyond such terms,

survival and livelihood ,

are strugglers in the living world…


Two climbers  entwined,

as if they never lived beside,

going higher and higher ,

to touch the Infinite!

Their roots are deep down  in the ground,

aware of the pains and sufferings profound…

different plants now together,

roots going deeper and stronger…

Soft tendrils help on their  way,

for the climb and support to stay,

the lovely climbers know their goal,

 Are in search of their Soul…

Beautiful flowers sprouted ,

meanwhile on their soft stem,

they embrace the flowers …

snuggling and tickling,

traversing the journey so enthralling…

The moment is yet to arrive,

When the enchanting climbers …

attain their height,

Till then they are entwined,

to remain one as destined….




Flying  far away from your nest,

What do you see my craving  heart?

Highlands,mountains or valleys apart,

What do you miss my wailing heart?

Your feathers  have lost  their charm,

Beautiful textured feathers of  love,

they’ve the strength to soar high,

Remain higher for longer flies,

Why does the heart fear then,

To undertake a journey of diligence…


You are always near the sky,

The blue spread embraces you,while you fly,

To fill  you with the valiant fervour,

To attain the rich golden splendour.

Your wings give you the dignity,

To reach to the levels of infinity,

Being static ,they lose their  strength,

continuous motion overhauls them..





Fly high to touch the sky,

to remain higher till you die,

But prepare yourself to be grounded,

when storms and lightning struck the skies,

Overshadow your fear of flying,

 To achieve the esteemed goal of living…


Music echoes  in my ears.,

I wonder why I’m in tears,

Why do I feel I went far away,

 Just returned hearing the music play…

I travelled to the paths untrodden,

I moved around the places forbidden,

The way which I went I  don’t remember,

But the feeling of joy is not expressible…

I find myself lying on my bed ,

I am surprised!

How could I roam to places ,

in  the middle of the night…

Surely I went on that rare trip,

where the  earth ended and

something new begins..

The mystic place…

with overwhelming feel,

My memories fail to recollect,

what I spoke in between…

I can visualise the experience,

The way I travelled and where I went,

I  can distinguish what happened,

But my heart can’t find words…

and my voice trembles…

What mystique! that bedazzled

 my  mind and my being,

I felt like I abandoned  myself   ,

On the behest of the Supreme being…


My soul  became metaphysical ,

As I traversed  down on his beckon,

On the complex path of  the spirituality,

In search of the divine  light..




Why did you do this to me?

I can never find a reason to think,

What made you change

 in the moment of a blink,

What had happened ,when all was fine,

when every moment u thought was mine……


We had just started walking on this path,unnamed!

Why did you leave in between ,and left me to blame?

What went wrong I wonder?

Did I say anything that was a blunder?

Suddenly the void created by your absence,

leaves me with thoughts which are baseless….


I still yearn and look for you,

hoping that my dreams will come true,

someday you will be there again,

clearing all the thoughts that gave me pain,

Those moments will be here ,

when you will realise the value of my tears..



In this timeless journey of love,

few things always remain unperturbed,

The feelings that we are soaked in,

and the thoughts that  we are lost in…

I wait for that golden moment,

when Life comes back and revives again,

The long-lost soul  of  a burning tale,

Which will seek  solace on the path,unnamed…..





All the while I thought of you,

When you were away,

I so much missed you,

Now you are here ,

And I have no words…

To tell my tale of my loneliness….

I forget the pain when you are near,

and the moments of my tears,

Time just stands still,

when you are standing beside me..

I want to do everything for you,

but the moment comes and disappears.

I feel like catching it up again

To hold the time and the days again,

The journey of life it seems,

Is never-ending as it has been,

It feels as if we walked thru ages..

To be with one another in all the phases…