This is based on a true life incident that I experienced as a child,which infused and imbibed in me more profusely the source  of faith

There was a knock at the door,

we children  were too small then,

to reach the latch and unlock ,

I pulled a chair from the corner,

to step up and unlatch the slide…

Behind the open door,

stood the  Magnetic one,

He stepped inside in a moment,

to enquire about my dad’s presence…

We followed behind,

as he rushed through the small creeky doors ,

to reach the crumpled bed in few lopes,

my mother a frail  figure then,

was lying sick on the  bed…

Having a look all around,

analysing every reason sound,

foreseeing ! words he  asked,

darted in the small place forward,

he stood behind my dad in solace,

like an Incarnation propound…

Within the small sanctum,

music overflowed,

words we didn’t remember,

and he sung the lore…

Guiding us through every step,

pulling out from the dark,

 illuminated the path  of life with  faith ,

Becoming our  Lord…!


Strings of  adoration

adorned by love,

tied with a silken thread 

to the innermost chord of  soul…

When touched  by the aura of incarnation,

immense feelings make a congregation,

Exults my deepest  vibrations  within,

when I experience a divine blessing…

The nectar of devotion,

assimilates in me with assurance ,

the astral  world

stares me with a strong glance…

Am I worth for

 the exceptional sojourn?

when solitarily I stand,

beholding the solitaire…

Culmination of the thoughts,

imagine a form when

My soul  perceives

to   Manifest

The Invisible god…!