( Like colours of  the sky is my heart.. reflecting every moment …  a different art! A mosaic of paintings within the enclosure, brushed with thoughts, coloured with imaginations… ( Varied designs form As in a kaleidoscope, the innumerable patterns get shaped… Like a prowess, It displays exotic images, Giving power and courage, to fulfill… Read More ART IN MY HEART!


          (photo:google images) Post a mail of  few words, parceled well and tucked, scrambled or jumbled, scanty ,few but not one…   Put them all in an envelope, even if not pasted or written , in form of cuttings or pictures that resemble…   I shall make a world, using those… Read More WORDS


On the day specially meant for Fathers, I wish my dad a happy Father’s day.Far away from him, since the time I got married,now in a different place in a different country,I always have remained  close to his heart. A daddy’s girl… Like every father he too is my idol and I try to follow his footsteps… Read More ON FATHER’S DAY