Like colours of  the sky

is my heart..

reflecting every moment …

 a different art!

A mosaic of paintings

within the enclosure,

brushed with thoughts,

coloured with imaginations…



Varied designs form

As in a kaleidoscope,

the innumerable patterns

get shaped…

Like a prowess,

It displays exotic images,

Giving power and courage,

to fulfill the envisage!


Eyes go weary and the looks look void,

For every glance the vision doesn’t define,

there is nothing  that isn’t around,

the gentle atmosphere is reverberating with poignant sound…


Imaginations conjure drawing lines of thought,

what is envisaged is of  a different form,

in darkness,whether in light,

shining luminously the picture conceived so bright!


A mind of several thousand thoughts,

Is capable of  ideating ideas,

out of aught,

in the air,

in vacuum …

It can perceive…

The very own created fanciful dream.


Such  power a  human mind has

to produce certain illusions and work on that…

vibrations of several frequencies travel,

to constitute and establish the

imagery clear!









(photo:google images)

Post a mail of  few words,

parceled well and tucked,

scrambled or jumbled,

scanty ,few but not one…


Put them all in an envelope,

even if not pasted or written ,

in form of cuttings

or pictures that resemble…


I shall make a world,

using those meagre ones,

along with my imagination,

I can weave a story or a poem at once…



Words simple or  solitary

 send them across,

which are closer to   you,

or considered  meaningless often…



For it has been a long time,

since I held them close,

absorbing the nostalgic scent,

which  the paper had absorbed…



While you close the envelope,

put some air of your feel,

a touch of tender care,

and a kiss  that I missed…



My treasure has emptied,

And I wait for the precious post to arrive,

To refill my casket of thoughts,

to build castles of  words in my life…










On the day specially meant for Fathers, I wish my dad a happy Father’s day.Far away from him, since the time I got married,now in a different place in a different country,I always have remained  close to his heart. A daddy’s girl…

Like every father he too is my idol and I try to follow his footsteps unknowingly.He too inculcated in me many qualities and taught the basics of life. The most important of which is ‘Always thank Him for whatever he gave, and always pray “Let the thing best for everyone happen” .He didn’t teach me this but he did practise the same…I just try to remember whatever he said.

On this father’s day, I bow before the Father of the Universe…

Since antiquity ,

times changed,

eras came to an end,

you are the  only one endless,


ever bestowing are your

blessings and  grace…

Nurturing  the whole world,

 balancing the universe,

You are the master

of this creation…

Listening to cries of everyone,

erasing the worries ,

eradicating  the fears,

instilling courage ,

wiping their tears…

Showing everyone the real path,

holding every hand in case of storm,

letting free the mind for imaginations,

persuading them in their aspirations…

Creator of the universe,

Life of the cosmos,

Father of the existence,

blessed am I to be a petal of your florescence…