Inner light
Inner light (Photo credit: Colin 30d)



what is needed in our life,

with so much of darkness unfathomed,

and the path to our destination

gets lost everytime.


wonder what makes us walk,

our inner light

or a guiding star

far away from the earth

sparkling bright!


Whether we get abandoned or estranged ,

there is a light shining our way..

to let us know

who we are..

where do we stand …

and what for!

Inner light (MSH0209)
Inner light (MSH0209) (Photo credit: Mags_cat)

A small flame of candle,

or an earthen lamp,

light from the  lighthouse,

or the dazzling luminance,

every light has its purpose,

serving the life with a fervour…


The illumined stars of this Galaxy

the sun and the moon,

are immortal…

since aeonian times

  as they light the universe,

brightening the creation  of the Almighty…


Illuminating for ages …

they are the illumination…


by the greatest illuminator!

Weekly photo challenge : ILLUMINATION

Light illumines… everything…. a dark place, a lost soul, a gloomy heart and a confused mind!DSC00153 DSCF0093-001 DSCF0286 God dwells everywhere! DSCF1032 DSCF1101 DSCF1242 DSCF1284 IMG_2458 IMG_2494 IMG_2521 IMG_3137 P1000324 P1000785


Behind the iron grill  of chequers ,

beneath the tiny shadow of imagery,

tweeted a tiny sparrow every morning

with shrilling notes of high  pitch,

in her  sweet voice and harmony…

He who lived across the wall,

He loved the pure voice of hers,

which was the only reason for his smile returned,

enclosed within the chambers dark,

this euphony was his spirit to embark…

Gold coloured when outside was,

his dwelling still remained black,

the moment beautiful notes reached his ears,

the morose turned into a resilient…

Decades of his  life passed thus,

inside the walls of the prison,

the mundane of the little bird,

remained same with that of the sordid  prisoner….

One morn,

the aureate rays dawned,

surprisingly reaching to the darkened nook,

illuminating the sides of wall,

with refreshing air of  love…

Contrary to the routine,

the unseen bird was nowhere seen,

silence gripped the bare walls,

the sun rays today touched the …

captive’s soul…

freeing him from the dull cell…

to be liberated from the trussed  earthly  chains….





Is the flame of my love still ablaze in your soul,

or have the strong winds blown  away and extinguished the flame of love,

In the cyclones  as you walk, in the hurricanes you combat,

has the tornado put off the flame of mine in your heart!

If its still burning with vigour and is in a splendour form,

Why do you fear the winds that come in the terrible storms,

The warmth of my burning wick shall keep you always secured,

even in dying winters when you freeze and ail…

The light of my love will illuminate your darkened road,

guiding back to the camp where your body pillows,

till your expedition is  accomplished,

fighting against the normal frights and dread…

The golden radiance of the flame flickers when you torment,

Its intensity will consistently remain to be with you in every place,

filling my absence in the world,

where you struggle and should never succumb…

keep the flame of  my love enkindled,

for eternal and as  aeonian…