Gasp of air

via Daily Prompt: Sludge

While the thick muck of negative air strangled one’s soul

and stiffened become the veins

in moments life becomes a sore

when brushing aside the sludge of thoughts

Break ,they

the inside of your heart

warns a signal

an alarm

halt! watch and then walk along

Tis sludge

you shall gasp for air

While the wounded spirit slashes past

to rebirth and continue on path…



In the narrow alleys then

fragrance roses in abundance

The light smell of musk incense filled the air

I frantically moved from lane to lane

in search of you

While the lamps illumined darker corners and stars gazed

music echoed and  heart danced

with  inebriation

forgetting self  in search for your presence

seeking the path to blissful pleasure…


lost in crowd ,  joyous and mute

another moment tears overflowed

and washed every glance

Nothing could be seen and known

It was a trance … a gnosis of  love showering

on soul…

onto every  step , I fell

a hand came to save

I move around and still search for you

Alleys of Ajmer

Dust of  you

I breathe your presence

O ! Murshid ! I miss you !

Grand Mosque , AbuDhabi ©Soumya




On a stormy night , trapped in hurricane,

When the world is on the  way to destruction,

nature emitting flames of poison,

The eminent soul too trembles and  shivers !

Massive devastation ,

Not a shelter to any despair,

Desponding and desperate,

running helter- skelter..

Is this the destiny of diffidence?

Or the epilogue is something else

An epoch of equanimity,

with equilibrance in humanity!

Without denunciation ,

when the heart demeanours…

devotion and faith,

with complete surrender  to the Ultimate,

The sabotage sweeps away like delusion…

The Gracious Pastoral   ,

Embraces you in his paramount form,

Creating a plateau,

to rescue the destitute,

Initiating a new ephemeris …

for the restitution of  the earth…