The unsung song we hummed together last evening sitting by the nature,

a small gesture in form of words led to a whole new song of  affection,

or was it  the beautiful thought underlying underneath in the bottom of our heart…?

blessed was the moment when we confessed  before  it did start?…

were my words so transparent,or my feelings so intense,

that without voicing music  to it,the song was hummed by you and me…


Those golden minutes of  joy, brought overwhelmed fear and joy,

fear of losing you someday,joy of getting you today,

your thoughts brought some serenity in the way,

when  I realised you are a soul divine…

who realises the value of a true confession even if hidden,

where could I get such a lovely soul,who expresses nothing if bidden…


Sometimes your silence hurts my veins,as they get stretched in the pain,

the formal casual conversations ,is not what I crave for or dreamt,

The next instant you show a concern,with a small word of gesture,

making me to think again , does he realise what I feel then…?

when at times he becomes strange,casually taking things in vain,

ignoring the thought of  speaking between the lines that I said…



Whatever it is, Iam overjoyed,excited to feel the beautiful convoy,

your presence in my life brings tears of pain and joy for a while,

the heart floats on the cloud nine,as I remember the evening time,

forgive me if I expressed something more,

which you didn’t want to think or store,

 in the memories of your  mind,

I will try not to say this  again,

for the heart never listens to the mind…