Love in the land of Rhododendrons!

Love isn’t blind as they say,

for it can see the core which

the open eyes couldn’t,

to feel the depth

it went

with eyes closed  and blindfolded…


The steep height of the mountains,

the deep ravines around the cliffs,

it went with intuition

to feel the gist of everything…

It fell once,

got bruised on way,

stood up again

and ahead it went…


Courage within

an urge to be

in the blooms of Rhododendrons

which blossom on the Himalayan foothills.


An exhilarating experience

for the comforted soul

where danger lurked on every corner

risk and accidents on the road was prone.


Still with  a yearning

to lie under the sky,

in the sunshine

to feel the tweeting of birds flying by,

the heart winged

and flew high

over the seas…

to the nearby skies,

amidst the nature

leaving the world …

which was envy and sly!


Rhododendrons, Roan Mountain, North Carolina


A  sculpturesque you ! In the abidance of  my soul,

quivering the atoms of every vein,

ascertaining the congeniality…

of my inner conscious plane,

the glorious aura divergently radiates,

a magnificent  nimbus decks your image…


over mastered in a different state,

ecstatic within to consecrate…

the invoked enchanted embodiment…

Sanctified was  the ephemeral moment ,

Blessed I became   manifesting the inimitable ,

the mystique enfolding my existence,

whose propinquity gave eternal bliss …

The compassion of the grace,

as the snow of Himalayas melt down in streams of rivulets,

the ablution of my soul concurred…

in the eternal presence…