plethora of thoughts

rained on thy meadow

cascading over as

a waterfall thru

the shallows…


inundated with brimming compassion

thy glance upon my portrayal

prowess of which


the  green pasture….


With a cup of passion held

between my fingers

I let thy touch it for a sip,

spills the overflowing


as a shower of spring!


soaks the thin fabric

inebriating the wandering soul

dousing the spirit, wondrous

in the heavenly love…




A handful of  sparkling dreams,

lofty and beautiful

closed within her tender palm,

 shimmering in dark

As she spreads her arms ,

trying to embrace the heaven

the tiny fragments flew and soared

becoming stars of the celestial…

each particle has a dream,

to live in palace of harmony,

where symphony would play the tune

music becoming euphonic…

each beautiful dream emblazons

 the earth’s chamber ,

 unearthing passion

lighting  thousand  embers…















Components   of the Eternal ,

constituted with his elements,

pure and divine …

shall always be!

Far away from the evil..

and its addicting nature within…


Sent as mortal beings,

the immortal souls ,

with embodied figures!

to learn and experience,

the world over beneath!


Fruit sweet and poisonous,

warned by gods ,

to the earthly dears…

consumed and absorbed by the fears,

transforming the eternal ones…

into mere mortals of this Universe..


Dripping along the curves,

drops of ecstatic nectar,

essence of perfumed florets invariable…

watery vapours in the atmosphere,

evaporating …

in the air…

with the rising phenomenon…

rhythm gentle,

changes to vibrant layers,

souls merge ..

as one in a sphere…

oneness known,

ne’er by the body and soul ,

ages since it birthed …

on earth from heaven!


But Alas! the mind never knew,

this wasn’t the only truth,

Wisdom brightened the way for some ..

who knew and realized the inner view,

walking on the path divine …

assimilating with the Elysian as anew!


This week’s writing challenge is to finish “I wish I were…” and here is my beautiful small wish…..











I wish I were an angel of  the heaven,

from where I could  get  a glance ,

of everyone on this beautiful earth,

peeping inside their minds and hearts…


I wish I could sprinkle some humanity on the barren land,

where humans have forgotten to respect their species and  clan…

I wish I could use my wand and let sorrows vanish from the broken  hearts,

spreading a bit of golden  sunshine in everyone’s empty courtyard…











I wish I could twirl around…

and do some magic to re-liven the spirits

of the dead souls on the earth,

who are supposed to be exquisite…


I wish I could talk to the ones,

who have loved me so  dearly,

that Iam not born to be with them…

but here for some other important responsibility…


I wish I could show the mirror of the mind to the lonesome losers,

showing them the power within to change the world in a  second…


I wish I were  able to express my feelings that lay  subdued within,

To the one whom I adored ,who got lost in life’s living…











I stand on your  doorsteps ,

to find the gates locked,

I am thirsty ..and so is my soul.


Magnificent  walls,

taller pillars,

decorated with myriad …

…dreams of heaven.


To unlock and open ..

I haven’t learnt,

for the keys to this gateway

have got lost…


Just one turn and click open,

the latch of this cell ,

to let me step in,

the world of your transfinite…


In your feet …

on my knees….

Intensely  and …

with gravity…

I await 

 for a glimpse of your benevolence ….






Hands drenched in the sludge,imaging form of a creation,

the wheel beside spinning and rotating,

waiting to get a heap of accumulated coagulation…

Twirled swiftly by hands of nature,

the clay tries to take an amorphous form,

The gentle,yet rough palms then …

guide and produce a new envision…

A figure of  great craftmanship,

the potter feels overwhelming,

transforming a sludgy mire ..

into an image of paradigm…

the de-airing while kneading removes all the air gaps,

converting it smoothly  to the core,

flooring ,trimming and impressing by tender touch,

an  ideal form is produced,

In the speed of the wheel spinning,

the imperfections get cleared ,

with the skill of the great hands,

artistically the clay transforms  …into  a human figure….





The tempering in the furnace gives proper heating

to the form,

changing the green structure into a permanent forge…

Decorated with intrinsic designs as the intricate emotions inside,

the figure is a perfect prototype…

of a  man being  born on earth,

like a wet sludge of mud,

he grows and begins to  live,

as nurtured of upbringing,

he creates his comfort zone of living…

Stepping in the outside world,

he gets the knock and harsh trembles,

indurating into a confidence self,

to walk on the path destined by the heaven…




Nictating eyes…absorbing the imagery of your empyreal  presence,
conjoining  lines of  the co-ordinates in the revered atmosphere,
dispersed  molecules of fervency,
hypnotizing my senses …
carrying me to an exotic association!
Absence of the  corporeal existence,
never diminished the intricate tenderness,
rather minified the negative caprices ,
whenever subjugated by the milieu…
True to the heart and pristinely pure,
feelings of sublimated thoughts are divine,
The souls en-laced in the  intertwined ribbons…
…of the silken threads of ardor,
remain connected perpetually and forever…
whether on earth or in heaven…