plethora of thoughts rained on thy meadow cascading over as a waterfall thru the shallows…   inundated with brimming compassion thy glance upon my portrayal prowess of which mesmerized the  green pasture….   With a cup of passion held between my fingers I let thy touch it for a sip, spills the overflowing fountain,… Read More PLETHORA !


A handful of  sparkling dreams, lofty and beautiful closed within the tender palms of her, in the dark shimmering… As she spread her arms out, trying to embrace the heaven the tiny fragments flew and soared becoming stars of the celestial… each particle has a dream, to live in palace of harmony, where symphony would… Read More EMBLAZONED !


Nictating eyes…absorbing the imagery of your empyreal  presence, conjoining  lines of  the co-ordinates in the revered atmosphere, dispersed  molecules of fervency, hypnotizing my senses … carrying me to an exotic association!   Absence of the  corporeal existence, never diminished the intricate tenderness, rather minified the negative caprices , whenever subjugated by the milieu…   True… Read More CONNECTED SOULS