This poem is inspired by a post on blog of Eric, I read and the haiku there prompted me to write few lines! I wrote  a verse in continuation!

After reading  ROOTS – haiku. I remembered few golden words of wisdom which I had heard in my childhood! I comprehended it in my own version!


Dust of the ground

he smudges on his forehead,

for the soil had the

blessings of the


and noble saints!                                             


On this path

to the temple

millions of feet walked

without realizing the priceless measure.


Idol in the shrine

shones like gold

awestruck crowd moves

in strident force

with folded hands they pray

for a  wish

few worldly pleasures

gorgeous and umpteen!


Scarcely anyone

halts to feel the sacred presence

in the particles of earth

where few holy souls had stepped!


He knows what

 lies in the golden blessed dust

 which can change the flow of life forever.


Birla Mandir