41 st year !

Under the golden rays scattered through prism of the sky

I shine with His Grace bestowed on my life

with body and mind surrendered to my Almighty!

The soul sparkles with a  intense smile…

My journey over the time and years

on the rough edges ,surfed through

the storms…

like a floating petal

HE sailed me through the turbulent weathers…

With every fall…I stood up again,

with every defeat ,I won,

my faith in Him grew with love

as I walked on this earth for the last forty years!

As a blessed child of Divine,

as a motherly sister ,

as a caring daughter

as a loving wife,

as an ideal mother

as a silent friend to every companion

on the path of truth and compassion,

I stand beneath the diamond studded sapphire

embracing the heaven with gratitude

for its unknown blessings in every measure…



As an eternally graced flower,faith blossoms

blindly walking through ridges

not a support to lean

falling, uprising again

in the depths of stormy seas.


Beneath the feet scorches

within the  flower prospers

mind,poor knows not

it’s the grace that pulls out of the fear!


on the hills of enormous desires

seats the serpent of lower hemisphere

he who knows it to garland o’er the neck,

blesses the soul with an  eternal cure…





What lies forth !

round the bend,where I can’t see!

A blind corner ,

a cliff dangerous,

a valley of flowers

or a dangerous rift!

Is the river flooded,

Can I cross it without oars,

will there be a boat for me

or shall the shore reach beneath my feet in seconds!!!

Is there a palace awaiting my presence

Is there a hut to shelter me in storm,

Will I ever get a tree

when I walk in the scorching sun for long!

Is this my path ,where I tread,

on which I step upon,

or was it around the last corner,

which I left across?

Restless mind, flickering flame

fickle thoughts shall ruin in vain,

brighten the dimmed light of hope

in my  heart !

O! My lord ! with your grace,

Till I walk on the road of destiny

with belief in mind and heart full of faith.


Through the transparent glass I view

A glimpse of virtual life,

disguising as an enrapturing astral

Transcending from the sky…


The Milky way lights the darkened path

For the star  to travel down

that descends  with million sparkles

From the magnificent heaven….


A predestined womb awaits the ephemeris

The soulful life to be absorbed

Into an existence

For miracles to flow …


Emanating from the origin of universe

The divine soul radiates

 manifests  the  Absolute

Embodying as the child

of a  graced woman

who is  blessed

by the Supreme Creator  himself!



Paramhansa- The supreme swan !

swimming through the deepest ocean of life,
look at the majestic swan who glides,
regally drifting with  elegance,
moving swiftly against the current!
 He knows how to face,
the enormous atrocities ,
storming in the direction of storms,
hailing the Almighty with chants and form!
White and radiant,
effulgent is the  halo,
the royal swan swims across the deadly sorrows…
Passing beside the lotus floating,
 nods and smiles with graciousness ,
Admiring his enthralling ways,
 the lotus bestows her blessedness.
Imperial persona,
radiating aura,
hallowed by the  divine himself,
The majestic swan glides…


In the dreaded forests of time,

where do you wander my mind?

Brushing aside the leaves  of the trees,

moving forth to an unknown destiny…!


Stop shuffling the branches that shrug,

don’t abhor the thorns that pierce,

for they will guide you to the place,

where your peace resides since eternal age…!


Bring the joy of embracing a soul,

to the face from the heart endear,

chant the words of contentment ,

till fate takes you more near to the Almighty of the world,

whose having  a look on all your work…


Awaiting your cry,beholding the wait,

HE too cries and says  ,

“Where do you get disoriented…?”

The longing for the divine grace,

equals the seeker  and the graven image….


hovering over the confused mind ,

clouds of grey ,

condense and rain…

lightening shivers the spine below,

travelling down to quiver

the heart mellow…


water pouring drenching the soul,

cleansing all doubts,

from the cells as whole…


whenever a dark haze obscure

the thoughts,

pray for some drops

of his divine gesture…

soaking and impruing

in the drops of grace,

will wither out …

each and every pain…









Celebrating the auspicious  golden moment,

when the lotus feet blessed our dust,

illuminating the surroundings,

when  thousands of lights burnt!!!



Every corner had a lamp,

dispelling darkness and the damp,

infusing sprightliness in our lives,

filling our souls with positive vibes…


Sanctifying the ambience,

bestowing us with all HIS  guidance,

propelling the direction of our lives,

to shine it with radiance…


Distilling the negative notions,

Purifying the fearing one,

sublimating our existence with …

HIS ubiquitous grace..