Alone in the green forest , with nature around at its best,

Profound beauty all around ,your absence fills the melancholy sound,

Walking through the swaying trees,blushing flowers and birds in glee,

The picturesque scenic atmosphere looks dull and lifeless without your existence…




Dipping my fingers in the flowing stream,nearby where a peacock screams,

Fascinating sight panoramic view, just remain standstill  like statue,

Remembering your charisma in the vision,I try to capture the glimpse and prison,

You amidst the paradise and me being beside you in every season…




No words , no voice just silence speaks with the music playing by the  nature green,

Filling our hearts with unseen pleasure ,overwhelming in intense measure,

Nothing matters more in the world, inspite of being in heaven on earth,

Just your presence along the side, feeling the aura just beside…



Few hours of silent moments ,

Take you far away,

Gazing in this moonlit night,

At the clouds and the skies,

Searching for my star that shines,

Which seeks life in my soul and mind…


Storms and rains covered ,

The clarity of the above world,

Vanishing from the crowd of sparkles,

The star where art thou on earth!


Shall I ever have your glimpse,

Where should I look for your tint,

In the blue azure sky high ,

Or the lands that runs by…


Where art thou lost in this?

Dwelling in everybody’s dream,

Remember a soul awaits you,

To merge with your presence true…



Craving to hear words from you,
My heart writes out words anew,
submerged in the exotic ocean,
of pure selfless emotional blue…
Reflection of my soul ,
I can see that in yours,
Thoughts emerging within yours,
 travel to hit my heart to  endure…
Language of a contended soul,
Is what I want to speak,
A glimpse of your presence,
makes me feel as Iam complete…