Delicate flower


looked up, an old fragile flower
gazing at the wide azure
savvying for a drizzle
which perhaps
rejuvenate its trembling veins…
in an instant
vanishes, the evanescence
in the zephyr
“O! don’t take ages ..cries the
in more anguished pain…
suffocates the last breath
here , I strangulate .”

for long I had been
away from thy shelter
sneaking out of thine refuge
warping on false slumbers…
atrophied my stature
besotted I remained,
as the power of free will
diminishes ,
the mind emaciated…
Awhile the orphic shower cleanses
my deepest caverns…
let my petals secrete
at thy humble feet
the good , bad and evil
in a sacred disposition…


strewn and scattered on the green grass ,

amidst the pearls of dew drops

silken white whorls

steal my glance

as the night silently resonates in advance

diffuse the jasmine flowers in air ,

their eternal fragrance…


beneath the shrub of life,

when the breeze swayed to fall them free

bedecked the night blooming lovers

the carpet of the satin …


bees and butterflies crave for

such beautified romance

the radiant moon watches them

with ardent looks and fluorescence.


dazzles the firefly around the branch

sparkle the petals fallen by chance

inebriating the breathe  of night

smiles the bunch of jasmine on the lawn…


photocredit: www.flowerspictures.org



What knoweth the single  strand

of a saffron

amidst the trio of carpels

it hath the colour and essence

invigorating life with exotic fragrance.

timidly smiling at the sun

blooms the flower

perfuming  waters exotic for  Cleopatra Gorgeous

instilling  life through medicines of Gaza for years

as an offering exquisite for divine and the spiritual..







A drop of the sweet  honey

has  million of atoms…

Of love and the amorous communion…

A tale of  ardor  feelings

Of  the gorgeous flower and bee,

Or a ripened fruit tasted by the bee while in its dream…

Basking in the florescence,

dancing to the tunes amorous,

savor the sapidness

dipped in the ecstasy of nectar,

the Queen bee emanates,

the essence of the eternal

dwelling in each molecule of the air!




A beautiful  flower once found itself,

growing amidst a bunch of weeds,

on a land of stale air,

with pungent smell suffocating…


“How do I live here, ” it said,

When I hail  from an enchanting world,

Being  away from my base,

In a different negative atmosphere….


Pondering  again  for a while,

It thought of  fighting with full strive,

secreting sweet  aromatic essence,

it tried to displace the foul air…


Stronger it remained with its will,

dispersing tranquil serene appeal,

even in diverse conditions of survival,

 disseminating in the zephyr fragrance pristine…


Beyond the sky of my imagination,

Exists a different menage,

Where the white illumined stars and moon,

Are part of the eternal habitat.


Travelling to that distant land

Of  beautiful imagery,

My heart rejoices ..

and becomes  mahogany!…


An abode of  immortal elements within,

bedecking the place with love serene,

I await for you to carry me forth…

to the heavenly kingdom of passionate dreams!












Within the unfold petals of time,

the eternal fragrance is contained since infinity,

the pollens of thought get scattered away …

with the sway of  wind,  stings of bees,

feathers of birds in different ways…

like the intellects chase  knowledge and go astray…


The mind of anther still isn’t ripe,

to contain within…

the real feelings of time…

shielded by thick curtains of ego,

it remains always beside….








The stigma ,   when perceives,

by the stimulus of the touch,

in the senses of the flower,

the petals tend to unfurl their folds,

radiating the real flora…


Whose touch it was!

the innocent flower imagines…

It was the eternal magical touch…

which pushed it on the path  divine…


Until then it lay foolishly,

scattering the pollens in different directions,

unwisely it had foreclosed

 the doors of its precious anther.


The moment the light dawned upon..

the floral contours of the flower,

It shined and reflected the aura …

of a divine communion….


Within the  inner burrows of the  heart,

hidden in a floral form,

petals enclosed tightly,

lies a bud  inconspicous of  its beauty…

As the breeze of warm thoughts,

a little light of concern and hope,

touches the nipped bud, an innocuous one,

the velvety folds start curling ,

 opening from the core…

Little shower of care and love,

freedom to breathe and respire ,

the flower blossoms with  dignity,

in the most audacious fashion…

The garden of the heart 

majestically fragrances …

the nectar of love…

as  its…

esteemed real essence .


 Sparkling like the splendid stars,
 disposition of a twinkled heart,
shining with luminosity,
enhancing the beauty of a darkened environ…
Dispersing mesmerising fragrance,
propagating miles of happiness,
Like a florescence ,
a blossomed heart permeates…
 Melodious tunes inspiring the soul,
echoing songs of blitheness to the core,
A euphonic heart too transmits,
music harmonious to the surroundings…
  Whatever a heart transforms as!
It is the grace of divine bless,
Nurturing the bud of pristine love,
reflects the graciousness bestowed on us!




One day a flower said to the bee,

who was on an evening spree,

” What makes you so sad and gloomy”?

The bee replied”Iam not as pretty as you,

and I look very ugly”..

To this the flower smiled and said,

“You are free to move everywhere..”

I sit here all day along..

and wait for your buzzing song….



“The fragrance that I spread everywhere,

Is due to your love and care…

Your sound and touch makes me smile,

and I look so pretty and fine…”


The bee still wasn’t convinced,

It still looked gloomy and sad within,

The flower smiled and replied back,

” Iam here because of  you,

 You are the reason to make me bloom..”


“You have been blessed with some thing,

Which is probably your own prinicipality,

Your beauty lies in doing the duty,

For which you have been chosen exclusively..”