With the wind she aviates

wings of golden get unfurled,

her blackish auburn locks dangle

as she rocks through the jungle….

Kisses the branch of the bottle brush

crimson red whose flowers rush ,

her cheeks turn prettier

when  she smiles and blushes for none….

gallops the young palomino,

loves it thy master

The woods enchant the golden colt

so does the hands which rein her…

together they form a beautiful pair

when paint the sky with their myriad ways

leave they behind the prosaic

while on a ride to the clouds in air…

drawing the path of their dreams

the duo on a long flight!!!

bask in delightful pleasure

of love and the valentine








Fields of yellow lilting  blossoms,

delicate , lively life in twinkles,

in the open vibrant atmosphere,

respiring breathing the pure oxygen!!!


Wonder what they would have felt,

if had grown in midst of a city,

noise,fumes,mobs deteriorating..

poor ones would have dried in  a minute…


Lucky they are… to be in the expanse,

Faraway from the lifeless romance,

under the blue skies of abundance,

drenching in the showers of graceful reverberance…


Spreading the innocent  beauty profound,

they love swaying and dancing on the ground,

freely, swinging with the breeze,

gazing and smiling at  everyone around…


Rich beautiful flowers 

every petal  blushes and grins,

the mesmerizing mustard fields of my land…

Fascinate and immerse  every soul that walks across…

these golden bands…