Delicate flower


looked up, an old fragile flower
gazing at the wide azure
savvying for a drizzle
which perhaps
rejuvenate its trembling veins…
in an instant
vanishes, the evanescence
in the zephyr
“O! don’t take ages ..cries the
in more anguished pain…
suffocates the last breath
here , I strangulate .”

for long I had been
away from thy shelter
sneaking out of thine refuge
warping on false slumbers…
atrophied my stature
besotted I remained,
as the power of free will
diminishes ,
the mind emaciated…
Awhile the orphic shower cleanses
my deepest caverns…
let my petals secrete
at thy humble feet
the good , bad and evil
in a sacred disposition…

Autumn Song

in the rustling of tender leaves

I discover a mellifluous tune

which basks in the glory

of the shining sun…

beneath the shelter of

the lovely mulberry…


my ears hear the playful melodies

the noise of crickets

and some frogs playing near,

yet in their croaking voice I find

the melody of the enchanting nature…


the gushing flow of the brook near

flock of canaries swing

with butterflies swirling over

I celebrate the autumn song

of precious earth

in tiny sounds

that I hear!





As an eternally graced flower,faith blossoms

blindly walking through ridges

not a support to lean

falling, uprising again

in the depths of stormy seas.


Beneath the feet scorches

within the  flower prospers

mind,poor knows not

it’s the grace that pulls out of the fear!


on the hills of enormous desires

seats the serpent of lower hemisphere

he who knows it to garland o’er the neck,

blesses the soul with an  eternal cure…




for every word that I utter
for every thought which is born,
I sit in silence and hear
the echoes of the trembling hoar!
flew would then the time fast
leaving me behind the world afar
would I then,remember the mighty words
heard which during the early childhood …
memories fade as , wiping ones
only the etched remain as none
“young buds of the garden of life
gently grow and cherish the years!”
molded as like a soft wet ball of clay
into shapes regular or fake,
delicate the canvas of the mind
where imprints the image for life long!
in thy grace ,let the sapling grow
whence a drop of divine bless the sow,
transforming the beautiful seed of faith,
into a true tree standing with love!





A drop of the sweet  honey

has  million of atoms…

Of love and the amorous communion…

A tale of  ardor  feelings

Of  the gorgeous flower and bee,

Or a ripened fruit tasted by the bee while in its dream…

Basking in the florescence,

dancing to the tunes amorous,

savor the sapidness

dipped in the ecstasy of nectar,

the Queen bee emanates,

the essence of the eternal

dwelling in each molecule of the air!


A  sculpturesque you ! In the abidance of  my soul,

quivering the atoms of every vein,

ascertaining the congeniality…

of my inner conscious plane,

the glorious aura divergently radiates,

a magnificent  nimbus decks your image…


over mastered in a different state,

ecstatic within to consecrate…

the invoked enchanted embodiment…

Sanctified was  the ephemeral moment ,

Blessed I became   manifesting the inimitable ,

the mystique enfolding my existence,

whose propinquity gave eternal bliss …

The compassion of the grace,

as the snow of Himalayas melt down in streams of rivulets,

the ablution of my soul concurred…

in the eternal presence…


Pacifying winds whisper rustling of the brook beside ,flowing unknowingly on the course destined,

Gratifying  experience unconsciously   uplifts the spirit , otherwise deadened by the world’s routine…!

Carrying with them the absorbed redolences,vaporizing to far away distances,

Winds of Philia winging over the hills and vales, pervading throughout their invisible presence…!

Notions of  confusion dribbling over the mind,wiped out by the invigorating vibes of a kind,

Invoking the enthusiasm for the life, passionately rejuvenating the heart decline…

Infusing the soul with eternal impressions, the  Winds of Philia leave the land forever….


Rational logic dissuades the sense ,outcome of an intuitional presence,

Where the soul can recognize its true self ,in the form divine essence,

Human mind often deters accepting someone as godly manifestation,

For materialistic age old myths, come in between the sphere of mystical…



Inspite of such resentment in thought, we usually believe in god,

Sometimes wandering in the forests, sometimes in temples of the lord,

Rarely we come across a divine soul with a divine thought,

A rare amalgamation of stars, brings the blessed moment in lifelong…


A strange eternal bond can be felt sensed in the saint’s ambiance,

Solace to the aggravated soul, which had been lost seeking the growth,

Reunited with the long forlorn flame of our life,

Abandoned since births, now in front of eyes,

The wetness of the eyes continuous,

The happiness of the heart unexplainable,

The ecstasy of finding back the lost one eternal…




Amidst the world of change in wear,

Change being the inevitable peer,

Only force that is timeless and perpetual,

Everlasting unending in every sphere,

Even in changed seasons or deaths,

Ubiquitous and everywhere,

Omnipresent in all situations,

Every minute and in each second’s variation,

The virtuous pious pure divine,

When appears in our life,

Awe struck and in a trance,

Blessed by just a glance,

We walk on the path dynamically ,

without cowardice and progress advance…









It happens once in  a while,

when the heart never listens to the mind,

love is blind ,

they all say…

but don’t we know ..

Faith is an part of this array…


Caring for the one unknown,

when everything is uncontrolled,

Feeling of getting loved from far,

even when two souls are living apart…


Knowing the other doesn’t prove,

understanding each other really moves,

for the beings who barely  speak,

the silence inside is the heart’s groove…


Realisation of the thoughts,

That hasn’t been spoken or taught,

makes love a timeless existence,

which never ends and never starts…


Expidiency kept far away,

explicable makes its way,

Exquisite love blooms everywhere,

In life to make the hearts sway…