As I hear few echoing sounds,

the striking  waves rebound,

in the waters , in the winds,

carrying the fragrance of the dreams…

 Flowing rivers carry the soul,

of the wishes that are just born …

moving from place to place,

dreams get distributed around…

 Many  choose the simpler ones,

some opt  for the  real tough ones,

but the lonesome struggler,

 always desires for

a vibrant colourful one…

Challenges numerous ,

difficulties ahead,

he colours his road,

brightly  in red…

Dreams of  passion ,

fantasy in thoughts,

striving in   real…

for the chosen path…

The traveller  dreams of something big,

aiming for the highest peak,

He who dares to walk alone,

with dab of patience and courage can go….

The path to the luciferous   dream isn’t  smooth,

curves and bends, cliffs and terrain will loom,

still the dynamic pedestrian walks,

for his decision is firm as a rock…

Overwhelmed too, the creator gets,

Seeing someone persevere in the best,

He too lends a helping hand,

to the walker in the  distressed land…


How blessed I am !

To witness!

 a blissful  scene !

and  be a part

 Of  an  empyreal dream…



  • Trust and believe everyone who comes across and closer to  you in life .
  • Think everybody else to be like yourself.
  • Being sensitive to even those people who barely care for emotions.
  • Care and be considerate for every friend who always shows his back.
  • To never hate even the worst enemy.
  • Love everyone with true feelings.
  • Being honest and sincere at work .
  • Always accept everything in life as God’s wish.
  • Dream for the impossible and live with in it to achieve the same.
  • Trust your intuition rather than any other source.


For me these are the strongest qualities a man can possess or develop even if they meant a few setbacks or drawbacks,because if these are followed naturally ,there wnt’be a day in life where you feel guilty and your conscience will never prick you for doing anything that wasn’t right or unjustified,nor would you feel bad about the things you have done while achieving these.A few minor breaks or failures because of these shall always bring out the best out of you..the more stronger,matured,understanding,reliable,experienced,wonderful person …


Thoughts about you flood  my mind,

every moment …every time,

Work doesn’t tire me,

nor does the sleep bother  me,

Is this a spell,

That has been cast on my cells?

Stretching my hand to reach yours,

even in dark without  fears,

this isn’t love nor lust,

but the feelings are completely just…

You make me feel fly high,

above the ground  from all the  ties,

taking me into a dream world,

where you and me, sit and cry…

Never had I felt so strong,

for anyone who’s  walking along,

What is there so magical,

about you and your words?

That make me  smile without a reason,

bring tears in my eyes without the season,

Is it your charming charm,

or the warmth of your arms?

Whatever it is !

I love and like ..

to be away from the world…

… for a while.


Floating on cloud nine,

Trying to reach the seventh heaven,

with  twinkling eyes , lost looks,

A heart in love looks wonderful!!

Pulsating  beats, warm breath, 

cold hands with sweat on them,

The heart in love is anxious,

searching for its beloved everywhere!

Love notes ringing in the ears,

Nothing else audible ,even near,

word from the lovable one,

wakens up the sleeping beauty in danger!

Blushed  in red, white in fear,

Confusing thoughts rule over mere,

Should I or should n’t I ?

Kiss my prince ,who’s so near! 

Will he metamorphose back to frog! ‘

from where he had appeared?

Or still be my charming prince …

forever with me  in  future!

Even before she gave a thought,

She felt a sudden warmth,

The mighty prince had  pressed his lips,

To be her saviour!

He took her along on the white horse,

which she always had dreamt of,

Out of the fantasy  land,

Where all was clear and real…

Following a dream


Sometimes I sit and ponder on thoughts ,that make me feel good and strong,

Forcing me to believe  like I have won a grand battle of  Paragon!

The urge to mark an indelible mark,for the accomplishment of a task,

By my love and compassion to rule in everyone’s  heart…..



Egoism rules the minds ,when intellect and  the fools meet,

Forgetting the golden rules behind, that we are humans on the same street,

Rags and riches makes the status,but not a perfect human being,

For this enduring job one has to sacrifice his selfish think…

In the cove of the earthly dreams,

We are lured by the deceptive themes,

Neglecting the noble thoughts and deeds,

We get stranded in the ludicrous things…





Following a dream I believe,changes the ability to think,

Elevating the capabilities ,it paves a way for prosperity,

Alongwith those wishes,let us resound our presence,

Not by the wealth we have,but by the love in abundance..




The yellow shimmering dress in the shop,

With sparkling stars and a bow at the top,

Beautiful frills and laces on,

It looks like a  princess ‘s gown…

I know dear you wish to wear,

the prettiest dress that I have seen,I swear,

But the price tag that ‘s dangling on side,

Makes my heart beat go double and eyes wide…

Still I know that you have chosen something for the first time,

And you are too small to know the difference in the prices line,

I want to fulfill your first wish,

To see my little one dance with this…

You look like a fairy ,                                                                          

With the dress on,

And I thank myself to get that frock,

for your happiness and your joy…

my sweet baby…

I can try…

To give you the best..that I can give…

and fill your life with wonderful dreams….


Breaking the silence of my dreams,

You entered my life with silent steps,

Before I could realise this,

You carved a niche in my heart for yourself….

Mesmerised I was by your presence,

Filled with your love’s essence,

I spread my warmth amongst everyone  ,

By filling the surroundings with my fragrance…


You filled my dreams with happiness,

Giving me your affection’s radiance…

I adore you for everything,

As you treated me as a heavenly being..

Thankyou for being in my life,

To make me glow as a luminous light,

You are the person of my dreams,

Like a starry angel you show me my way..


Dreams are wings of life,

Which give us power to fly and leap,

From the real world to the fantasy,

Where we go to a different world in our sleep…

We get the leisure of being what we wish,

 like to dream the impossible and be selfish,

Sometimes they show us the real facts,

To make  us aware of the life’s tacts..

We travel far away in our dreams ,

To realise the unseen and seen things,

With a smile on our face…

or  tear in our eyes…

They make us feel the either side…

What a magical world this seems to be,

Where we can dream of anything,

To be a king in a moment,

and back to the hills in next few seconds…

Where we fulfill our wishes,

and live our dreams..

Such goes the story in our sleep..

So sleep in peace the very next time,

To see a dream about lifetime,

Where happiness and joy are everywhere,


let me dare ….