She walked down in a trance,
transcending  in a world of her own…
straight to the brook flowing beside…
which played melodious  music of the gushing pour!
She halted beneath a blossomed tree,
shedding its lovely petals and leaves,
Like a carpet of satin feathers spread
over the grass  in few minutes…Spreading her cascade of lavender,
she started playing with the gems scattered,
breaking and mixing,with her fingers tenderly…

Hours passed,she was still engrossed,
in her colourful dreams and thoughts,
as the azure turned into red,
the soft breeze became more intense,
her golden locks flowed and kissed…
her strawberry coloured soft  cheeks .

Her woolgathering came to an end,
as if she was aware of the trend,
slowly she gathered her robe,
stood and started walking down
the trodden road,
suddenly a flash of light appeared,
two beautiful silver wings emerged,
protruding from her skin beneath,

and soon she flew away …
dissolving in the crimson..
and disappeared!




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Days of silence between us,

how far have we been ushered,

trembling lips cannot utter,

the words from the core that emerged…


Even if we sit for a while
our eyes glancing in deep drowned life,
It needs a crack to break the ice,
when everything freezes within time…

Frozen remain we and our minds,
as if got  mesmerized,
long before we realize…
time shall play its own maritime…

When shocked we would discover,
the moment has passed and lost for ever,
when we could open our hearts …
to bare our soul…
as the yearning had been so afar…

Will another frame of time be there,
when the same moment,the same instant,
come again…

like fresh breathe of air,
And we shall concede and express…
the languished pining stored in our sense…


Beyond the sky of my imagination,

Exists a different menage,

Where the white illumined stars and moon,

Are part of the eternal habitat.


Travelling to that distant land

Of  beautiful imagery,

My heart rejoices ..

and becomes  mahogany!…


An abode of  immortal elements within,

bedecking the place with love serene,

I await for you to carry me forth…

to the heavenly kingdom of passionate dreams!




My 400th post on WordPress! Iam thankful to everyone who has been here reading,following and being with me! 



















Beads of  light,white and illuminous,

dangling from the top ,

falling like cascade of brightness,

cast a hallucination!


Like a blessing endowed,

grace furnished,

descending on me,

with spell of  luminance…


Gazing above at the suspending streams,

strings of lightings sparkle and gleam,

dazzling my vision and carrying me,

onto a different world of  fantasy.


Awakening simultaneously,

dormant dreams,

of the forgotten  gracious 

and invisible HIM.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Thankful.


A glimpse of yours is what I have flipping through the pages,
my eyes get struck there  for they cant avoid your presence,
seeing your image in black and white, my senses got captivated…
carrying me like a whirlwind , they stormed  for ages!!!
Endless the journey seemed,travelling through different airs,
the intensity of the beguiling charm never dampened in phases,
jaunting my way with excitement and contentment, I drove on,
the destination of this implausible path was nowhere formed!!!
The coup d’oeil transformed so many feelings,
tincturing my sensations with your dreams,
the feel of which broadened my smile,
enraptured by the thought of being with you for a while….


Origami in the imagination,
flourishing ideas surface ,
sailing paper boat moves swiftly…
in the muddy waters along the gate….
jumping,sliding through the waves,
getting stuck on every bend,
little boat of imagination,
floating innocently in the rains…
down she moves,turns around,
waits for a second and spins to the ground,
again she gets a push from behind,
the queen of dreams sets sailing forthright.
watching the boat and pursuing the trail,
getting wet with the drizzling queen,
running after the white sail,
crossing and leaping each puddle….
Innocent minds run after the boat,
the beautiful one of origami shown,
without  fear of any sort,
the little ones follow their dream path…


“Do you want me to love you”?
asked the prince and she flew,
how can she reply to these words…
that made her 
perplexed , blush and blue?
In the dark hours of  silence,
when the world sleeps ,
the prince reappeared again,
as if it was a dream…
She was motionless and still,
but her heart pounding fast,
as if the beats could be heard by him …
thousands of miles past…
Once again she got under the spell of the lost prince,
despite deciding that she wont fall for his charms indeed,
use less were the decisions that her mind took,
for her heart could never be ruled by hook or crook…
Confused and overjoyed,she bid him goodbye,
letting her dreams take over while she slept by,
the golden morning brought a new smile on her face,
Soon  she realized it was a dream she saw last night,
which was only a destiny’s game…
Sadly she tucked the overwhelmed feelings inside,
gearing up for the real world in which her emotions strived…
 still with a smile she welcomed the nuances of her intricate life…
For the prince had whispered in her ears,
 “you have a heart of gold with studded diamonds inside…”




“I wonder what you have to share,

few moments of happiness or,

times of glare…?


sunshine days  or cloudy mornings,

what is that ,

which makes you so emoting?


Memories cherished or past blemished,

dreams aspired or unfulfilled desires,

what is it that makes you glow,

even in the setting sun’s show?


Times of joy or sorrows unlimited,

what did you go through,

when I wasn’t there?


Believe me dear ,

trust my soul,

For I want to hold your hand on the road,

when you walk on the path of life,

to wipe your tears and make you smile,

sometimes giving a shoulder to cry,

so that you feel lighter ….

with dropping eyes…


Iam a soul , new to you,

but destiny has brought me …

closer than the few…”





If these were the words ,

I would have heard,

might be ever ,

I could have uttered,

What makes me smile …

and cry in a while…

with such a deep emotional surprise?




Widespread is the path of love,
reaching to the end of horizon,
The road I travel passes through,
your goal,your destination.
Join me here on this bend,
where I am standing to lend you my hand,
the journey will  soon come to an end,
before it’s too late,hold my hand…
Strolling through this boulevard,
admiring the fallen leaves and flowers,
vast sky of  imagination ,
takes us beyond  the limit of horizon…
Your dream is my wish now,
touching the sky is just a step somehow,
reaching the stars is the desire,
filling your life with happiness is what I aspire…


I had a dream last night,

when the moon was shining bright,

embraced  in your arms,

Holding you tight,…

The fragrance of musk getting stronger,

As if intoxicating me,

To hold for longer,

My silken tresses rolling down your arms,

Mesmerizing you with my charms…

A sweet kiss on the forehead,

infuses life in me,

my soul rejuvenates,

with passion and glee…