With utmost courage I stand up again,

after falling down the steps,

While on my way to the topmost floor,

of the tallest building known!

The stairs were slippery

and so was the floor,

glazing, reflecting, dazzling

with light more …

While alighting I looked around,

to the enrapturing scene profound,

desires started triggering ,

to possess  every possible thing…

that lay beside the lone staircase,

on walls and ceilings shining  blaze…

And for a second my gaze shifted,

from the steps …

and I slipped and lay flabbergasted!

Stumbling and slipping down,

tripping and tumbling  to the ground…

hurt ,bruised,

strains in self,

I got myself  curled …

and stood  up again!

With a pain and ache within,

of mind,body and spirit!

The fall reminded me every-time,

of the anguish that

was only mine,

So determined and resolved I became,

To walk and achieve the final aim,

without being distracted anymore,

to reach my predestined floor! 


A glimpse of yours is what I have flipping through the pages,
my eyes get struck there  for they cant avoid your presence,
seeing your image in black and white, my senses got captivated…
carrying me like a whirlwind , they stormed  for ages!!!
Endless the journey seemed,travelling through different airs,
the intensity of the beguiling charm never dampened in phases,
jaunting my way with excitement and contentment, I drove on,
the destination of this implausible path was nowhere formed!!!
The coup d’oeil transformed so many feelings,
tincturing my sensations with your dreams,
the feel of which broadened my smile,
enraptured by the thought of being with you for a while….


Getting across the several streams against the flow and for the dreams,
riding with the wings of imaginations against the strong wind raging with fire,
climbing onto the ladder of goals, entwined around a danger zone,
Going on with the  persisting will,sincerely awaiting to be fulfilled,
Creeper of ambitions dangling beside,confusing the intellect and the minds,
which one to hold ,which is stronger, where is the one which will bring me hope?
Clouds and mist obscuring the vision,creating hallucinations of desires,
Is this the place I wished for ,the destination of my earthly acquires!
Comforting music echoing audible in the waves,
Still I am on the journey to the ideal place!
Focused eyes,detemination in heart,
faith in the spirit with devotion for the Lord!
Supersedes the hurdles and clings to fall apart,
Attaining me to reach the height , whose depth has been chosen by the God…


Gone astray in the sparkling superficial  world,

Adrift from the nexus of being a great warrior,

Baffled by the overexerting pressures,

 Getting vulnerable to succumb to life’s social  reputation…




Man today getting severely bewildered,

Disorientated  from his actual goal and destination,

Aim less and helpless in certain situations,

Forlorn and  pitiful  is his desperate condition…


Cheerful and enthusiastic he was once,

Contended and delighted on every outcome,

Overjoyed and elated  he found the world,

Ecstatic and euphoric being with his love,

Blissful and in raptures he realized  the vision,

Being   audacious   for his every aspiration…




 “If you are worried about any of these,

Keep aside your fears and sleep,

For Iam there with you on every step,

To make  you succeed in life’s target..

Be assured  that I will hold your hand ,

On any terrain or any deserted land,

I do not wish for any selfish desires,

I yearn only for being your companion …”













Widespread is the path of love,
reaching to the end of horizon,
The road I travel passes through,
your goal,your destination.
Join me here on this bend,
where I am standing to lend you my hand,
the journey will  soon come to an end,
before it’s too late,hold my hand…
Strolling through this boulevard,
admiring the fallen leaves and flowers,
vast sky of  imagination ,
takes us beyond  the limit of horizon…
Your dream is my wish now,
touching the sky is just a step somehow,
reaching the stars is the desire,
filling your life with happiness is what I aspire…


O! Noble soul!…

The moment has come  ,

to depart from this world,

To go to a different plane,

 away from the worldly gain…

How is that  plane different from ours?

One more dimension added or another  lost?

senses five are resumed or ..

something more leaves you astound?

Is it a land of angels ?

or an astral place of heaven?

What do you see ,  O! noble soul!

Have you reached your destination!

Like other souls ,do you still wander along!

 what lies …

 for the souls who had done wrong!

O! noble soul!

all souls are indeed …noble!

But their deeds on this earth,

makes all the difference..



Astringed by the bonds of love,

attachment cannot abate,

how do you fortify yourself..

from the subsequent change…

Is all the severance  natural..

as you leave the worldly plane…

Or are you so mesmerised  …

to be in one with the highest ordeal!