An unearthed earth of undulating  emotions,

lay amidst the various stratospheres,

undiscovered, unexplored land of ardor,

barren in form devoid of sprinkled  adorn…



Peasants of different genre approached,

with their skills being intellectuals,

none could assess the nature and depth,

To sow a seed of trust and faith…



The dried land awaited ,

the one who could toil and moil,

for  the ultimate layer of  gravel,

When Blithe shall the bestowed one bloom on it….



The realm in the persevered  way,

Longs for the greenery ,

That would  embellish ,beautify …

as bedecked jewels on its surface,

spreading  within the sense of  erubescence  of  quintessence…



Why did you say ,

“why we both go deep?”

I thought and felt,

“Are you not aware ,

that makes us different from the heap?”

Everyone everywhere is an alias,

either with name or

a frame to become as,

The real nature within,

is forgotten by all,

that is the reason why,

we went deeper on…

However high a person

scales his height,

the depth of his feelings

and sense,

makes him perfect

 and wise…

In this chaos of the world,

when we get a feeling

someone, somewhere

 exists in a dwelling,

who can go deeper in the meaning,

that is the precious gem ,

for every human…

which can be treasured

for times to come…