How far how long,shall I go on dear,

When the struggle and strife  never ends ever,

The patience and the calmness gets on a toll,

When there is no one else to play the role?

A smile on my face carried it till now,

But sometimes I  wish ..

You knew how I endure,

To realise what makes me sustain   my  dear..!

Winning always doesn’t matter ,

Sometimes on the way the dream shatters,

The real nectar is found,

with the one who motivates like  someone profound..,

The faith which helped you to  move on,

even in the  toughest of grounds …

The one who always held your hand,

in distress or in the rough sands..

How  much shall I keep energized?

My body ,my soul,my heart and my mind..?

Sometime , someday I will be very tired ,

To pull everyone out from the complex  mire,

Will you hold my hand then dear,

Against all odds and all the fears,

To stand beside me,very close ,very near,

By having faith in your love and my tears?


Hold my hand my dear friend,

When I’m in need and when in despair…

Hold my hand,when I stumble ,

To help me get up and to stand up…

Hold my hand in the storm,

When I shiver by the lightening and the storm…

Hold my hand,when I’m weak,

To break my loneliness even while I’m asleep…

Hold my hand,when I want to feel you touch,

To reassure that you love me so much…

While I say those thoughts  my dear,

I shall be very close to you ,very near,

You will never then go wrong,

As you shall be holding my hand forever…