Music of the “Mighty King”

listen to the music melodious
the fluttering of leaves in shade of summer
the river gushing through rocky terrains
the chirping of birds on dawn
rains droplets falling in rhythm…

blissful tune of the nightingales
stormy winds and lashing waves
the cool serene touch of grass
flying above the cottonballs
standing mountains sheltering, the land afar…

Harps the wind on the twigs and trees
the melody of a song pristine…
enchanting as the flute of the lord
the harmonic composition


Watched I the creation in awe,
and found the universe within me,
an ocean of tender emotions,
thoughts deep as the sea,
blooming flowers of eternal love
the boundless joy of ecstasy,
sparkling stars like a blushing smile,
vales and hills of aspirations and dreams...
radiant moon bedecked my heart
rules the night horizon
an ardent lover of the sky,
he dwells within  forever...
As the golden dawn ,
illuminates the cosmos
dispels the darkness
thence resides the Divine
seated on the blossomed lotus
to wipe out  the iniquity... thy reflection I see,
of the universe
inside the core of my essence
an exhilarating propinquity!  


On the day specially meant for Fathers, I wish my dad a happy Father’s day.Far away from him, since the time I got married,now in a different place in a different country,I always have remained  close to his heart. A daddy’s girl…

Like every father he too is my idol and I try to follow his footsteps unknowingly.He too inculcated in me many qualities and taught the basics of life. The most important of which is ‘Always thank Him for whatever he gave, and always pray “Let the thing best for everyone happen” .He didn’t teach me this but he did practise the same…I just try to remember whatever he said.

On this father’s day, I bow before the Father of the Universe…

Since antiquity ,

times changed,

eras came to an end,

you are the  only one endless,


ever bestowing are your

blessings and  grace…

Nurturing  the whole world,

 balancing the universe,

You are the master

of this creation…

Listening to cries of everyone,

erasing the worries ,

eradicating  the fears,

instilling courage ,

wiping their tears…

Showing everyone the real path,

holding every hand in case of storm,

letting free the mind for imaginations,

persuading them in their aspirations…

Creator of the universe,

Life of the cosmos,

Father of the existence,

blessed am I to be a petal of your florescence…


Deep innocent eyes  sparkling,

Gazing at the surroundings dazzling,

Surprised by the new shining,

It mistook the world as the sky glittering…


New and stranger staring ,

At the busy city’s glowing ,

Shocked to see the cars moving,

It mistook the world to be another cosmos forming…


Odd and alien now observing,

The people down here hustling,

Amazed to see the mob still moving,

It mistook the world to be a space station shuttling…


No wonder it was an alien,

Now on earth by some error,

But a day here on this planet ,

Made it realise it is not the only one here… this universe and the cosmos,

where millions of living beings respire,

This galaxy is of someone very powerful and very real..


The existence of all the beings,

Is the choice of the God indeed,

He made all forms to live in peace,

And be in the place where they are meant to be..