Little singers chirping around in the morning and in the noon,

seldom do they ever think what is the mess going around,

flock of people,crowd of cars, haunting horns to scare them off…

smoke or mist they get confused till they get choked with the pungent fumes…

Innocent chirpies sitting in rows,sometimes love a dangling branch rather than  a pretty rose,

their world ,a world of music, tweeting around with aura majestic…

birds of nature , birds of love, flying in every direction of earth,

rivers ,streams,lakes and forests,

they love adoring the beauty of the atmosphere…

Unaware of the feeling of a human form,

luckiest they seem to presume,

without having the five senses in Hume,

Thanking god with their humble tone,

they start each day with their vibrant song,

filled with gratitude for what they are,

 Sweet birds of  nature fill the environment with chirpy bizarre…