A glimpse of yours is what I have flipping through the pages,
my eyes get struck there  for they cant avoid your presence,
seeing your image in black and white, my senses got captivated…
carrying me like a whirlwind , they stormed  for ages!!!
Endless the journey seemed,travelling through different airs,
the intensity of the beguiling charm never dampened in phases,
jaunting my way with excitement and contentment, I drove on,
the destination of this implausible path was nowhere formed!!!
The coup d’oeil transformed so many feelings,
tincturing my sensations with your dreams,
the feel of which broadened my smile,
enraptured by the thought of being with you for a while….


The one  who inspires me by his words,

the thoughts of whom  can traverse,

presence of whom spreads smiles across,

a thousand miles sometimes is no far…

The one who makes me write more,

letting my imaginations flow,


sometimes intercepting…

his persona is ever indeed,

a gem in a earthly being… 

An everlasting charm ,

an elegant dream,

perceptions of whom,

can paint beautiful scenes…

Marvelous  is the image of the one,

who has such a tremendous purpose,

in this world of blogging and beyond,

words and thoughts where culminate to become strong…


Ever thought how wonderful is the land of charm,
mystifying spell of love ….timeless and unbounded ,
filling the melancholic hearts with smile and endless warmth…
Beyond the reasoning of the mind,
illogical , irrational sometimes,
but pure ,delicate very precious…
is the gem of love ,hard to find…
On this island of sparkling stones,
searching for a real gemstone,
is hardtasking and confusing…
for the real diamond reflects ,
onto the heart destined and known…
Its a magical feeling of life,
infusing zeal and inspiring,
providing wings to fly high,
even in despair and distress,
making us smile,
from the innermost vein…in every transparent  phase…


Magical mystical web of love,
entangles you with all power,
saving you from girths of fear ,
securing your presence with valuable seer…
Woven around with intricacy,
knowing not the diplomacy,
clinging harder to the threads,
the soul seeks comfort and gets cozy…
Who has interlaced this beautiful charm,
entwined are the souls even if apart,
woven with delicate love and faith,
this web of exquisite devotion of the same…?


A teaspoon of sugar or a drop of honey,

effect of the sweetness remains even in melancholy,

white crystalline as the crystals,

or translucent viscous as the gel,

changing the bitterness of our tongue,

energising our reflex actions in one…


Added to or dissolved in a drink,

served invisibly in any dessert pudding,

give the same longing taste of sweet tooth,

letting us forget all the stings…


Words and tone are similar ,

in rendering the sweetness of nature,

filling one’s mind and heart ,

with love and gentle behaviour…


A humble tone is adored ,

words compassionate are admired,

A human  being of such a combination,

Is loved by everyone for spreading  the charm…