In voice against the shocking incidents happening
around the globe disturbing peace and humanity.

A hail for peace!
With tribute to the recent Boston incident!

Caged within the bars of peculiar whimsies, suffocated with intoxicating demeanor, strangled is the humanity dried and withered of its blossoms...   For loss of lives, countless,endless in far east or western stretches, responsible , the merchants of blood who spifflicate the atmosphere wrecking the idols of nature...     Every eye watches  and weeps, an injury or scar that is hurting deep , whether explosions in the land of oil, or another on the streets that shine...   Chaos, sadness,angst nurtures, what hath we done O! My brothers, Did thou not send you to live and love for we are the children of one How doth you forget and ruin, the statuette of humanity on earth!