Shot and wounded he fell in the middle of the street,

drenched in the red coloured life oozing endlessly,

who is he! the mob gossiped,

watching and remarking ,

with incessant points…

Is he a goon,a robber,or a thief,

a miscreant or has a criminal streak?

Shadows  moved on giving several expressions,

the gore exhibited  destructive  flood of manhood…

Who shot him?for what reason?

thousands of brains ,ten thousand notions…

From  the scorching sun of noon

till the twilight,he lay there,

amidst the eyes of daylight!

Dusk brought cold air from far off,

cooling his body ,drying the liquid on…

An image emerged from nowhere,

clinged to the fallen one with despair!

Screams echoed,the thin dirt layer of air,

people around were deaf and away from langour!

Moments later,the excruciating one became still,

next morning the newspapers,flashed the scene and revealed,

innocent killing of a brilliant student…

in the name of honour…slayed before  common…

Authorities, administration,governing bodies,

engrossed in their mean games of  power and money,

families  joint but  hearts divided,

humans are considered …as mere shooting targets…

forgotten are the terms of humanity,

some kill innocence, somewhere love strangled,

few become witness,

to the murderous heinous dissemble…

Before the thin waters wash out the conscience,

humanity loses its nomenclature,

raise a voice against the homicidal nature,

Awaken your self to help every human of this  creation!