Light of Wisdom

O! Thee, my ignorant mind seeks the light
there’s darkness everywhere,
knowledge flourishes,
learned is man,
who is the learner,dies the inquisitiveness…
Speaks every mouth,
who doth listen,
forgets the vision, to observe
ears deafen …
O! Thee,
searches my ignorant mind
for the lustrous flower
whose fragrance shall wipe away
worries and ego of power…
Amidst the clouded thoughts and views
of the intellectuals,
I, stand alone
look for that light of wisdom
illumines and kindles
the lost conscience of every soul and enliven.


My thoughts in vacuum
I cannot form a cloud…
My thoughts become
When the muse vanishes
In a hazy cloud….
 I try to create and recreate
yet fail everytime
the one in which you transformed
luminescent and transclucent
I search in folds of time…
pastels ,brush, a canvas,
I hold in hand
trying to sketch the gorgeous
the eyes of your glance…
In my verse ,I endeavour
to create the magic in air,
struggling hard through the vacuum
finding right shades for your hair…
dipped in earthy colours,
I evaluate and experiment,
finally a mystic tint
dyes the art piece in crimson pink.
originates a masterpiece
I am awestruck
Its you ,the  muse,
Who’s portrait has emerged
with celestial beauty n angelic eyes,
 manifests  on the canvas ,the divine in delight!




My heartfelt thanks to Ajay, Shawn, Ute  and  Vishal !

For nominating me for these bunch of awards. Iam merrily enjoying the swing of these beautiful awards which are a token of love from them.Since it has now become very hectic for me to post an award,I tried to combine all of them here and yes forgive me for the rules.

Just few days left and I will be off to my vacation which would mean a hiatus from the blogging for while! But before that I had to post this to express my gratitude towards everyone and to share my love with the rest.

Special thanks to Ajayji for presenting different and beautiful ones like the ” ROSE OF KINDNESS AWARD” & “THE LOYAL READER AWARD”.

awesome-blog-content-award best-moments loyal-reader-award rose-of-kindness-award super-sweet-blogging-award21the-most-creative-blogger-award2-from-deo

I nominate the following bloggers for the awesome awards :

Http:// :

Sheri needs no introduction,for her words are the daily dose of inspiration to may of us here.

85 Degrees

Udo a wonderful human is an amazing writer who can blend the true adversities of life into a finely woven tale.

A Window Of Wisdom

The window which provides us the illumination everyday with its wisdom quotes.

Alastair’s Blog

Gorgeous photos to brighten our days.


Wise thoughts said in a subtle manner.

Dew Drops

Experiences of a charming lady!

Drops Of Ink

the shade of passion in writing

Ekaterina Botziou

The untold tale of an elegant star!

Eric M. Vogt: Life-Writings

poetry with thoughtful feelings!

Insight. . . !

Diary of a young man!

Just Spoken Thoughts

Soulful intense thoughts of a compassionate person.

Le Drake Noir

Wonderful quotes with amazing pictures.

Manu Kurup

Reviews,stories,poems,photography, You get everything here.

The detailed version of every scenic and touching view!


Sweet reminiscences and experiences of a sweet girl!


passionate verses of love.

Silent Confessions…

musical notes of a young girl in form of her musings.

The Cosmic Poet

The cosmic creations of Nirvani


The touching words of Rachna in form of poems and wonderful thoughts.


The joy and entertainment of Midnight summer’s dream in poems of Yoshiko!

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Super Sweet Blogger Award.


Bouquet of Super Awards – 27 Nominations.

10,000 comments and bunch of awards!

An overwhelming  figure of 10,000 comments crossed on my blog and Iam showered with a bunch of awards! Thank you All!


Thanks Ruby for nominating me for this awesome recognition! She is a sweet person who has very much clarity in her thoughts and expresses the beautiful facts of life in a simple yet elegant manner.

The “Best Moment Award” actually goes to people who

Awarding the people who live in the moment,
The noble who write and capture the best in life,
The bold who reminded us what really mattered –
Savoring the experience of quality time.

When you receive this award, it is customary to “make a short speech.”

I feel obliged and honored to receive this and each award that I have ever got nominated for! All these show the unlimited love and appreciation that my friends here have for me! In form of awards they have expressed it! I humbly thank each one of you who have found me worth to be a part of their blogging life! Their presence on my blog in form of comments or likes have always encouraged me and motivated me to write more. The unlimited challenges that I see inspire me and the wonderful blogs I read are always a wonderful experience to share.


Thanks to Ajayji who nominated me for this wonderful award! He is a very kind person with a fighter spirit.A silent one in nature yet his posts of different genre of photographs show his esteem taste and choice.His love for nature gets displayed by his exclusive random picks from the internet .

For the rules I have to complete… A great reader is…

A great reader is the one who can comprehend the thoughts expressed in a write up efficiently,who can realize the depth of the emotions involved in it, who knows the importance of every single word written,who admires the writer for having tried to lay down his ideas and feelings in front of everyone without any inhibitions,who acknowledges the effort of words depicted and leaves a humble mark or remark  as a sign of his presence there!


Thanks to Terry and Gys for nominating me for this shining shine award!

Gys a beautiful woman with a warm heart who writes in French as well as posts its translation in English. You will love the combination of the photographs she posts that have wonderful special effects.

I met Terry few days back in this blogging world. A brilliant writer and an interesting person ,she presented me with this wonderful piece of love. Few questions from her side!

1) What’s your most remarkable memory from your childhood?

I remember almost every bit of my childhood and cherish the days more when I was a kid .Without Tv ,internet,computer,video games and any other gadgets…I loved to spend the time amongst friends playing outside or with my pet kitten. I never knew until I grew up  what is being bored?

2) Have you ever tried any extreme sports?

No ,But I do like the adventure of getting involved in it!

3) Which recipe you would like to learn and cook?

The Lasagne

4) Which thing could ruin your day?

A hurting remark from my dear one!

5) Do you prefer reading books or watching movies?

I love both ! I love watching movies which have good music and simple touching story! I like reading books which are reflection of human nature and character,specially the philosophical or spiritual books!


This superb exciting piece of recognition is from Kz! She included me in the band of women pirates!Kz is a versatile writer ,an all in one person! Perfect in every write up and bubbly in nature!  Seems she would be taking me onto a wonderful adventurous journey along with other pirates! S We are going to be a band who will rob people of their sadness,loneliness,gloominess and perhaps inject them with a doze of happiness! I would love to be such pirate who can steal the lost peace of mind from you,who can snatch the dullness of your soul and refreshen you with splash of sprinkles of joy !

I would combine the awards here and nominate friends to come and pick their choices!

  1. Wendell
  2. Bobbie
  3. Shackled and crowned
  4. Eric Vogt
  5. Eric Alagan
  6. Manu
  7. John
  8. nightlake
  9. Sharmishtha
  10. Christy http://
  11. Sheri
  12. Carolyn
  13. Bjorn

All the best to everyone!

Shine On and Best Moment Awards – Thanks again!.

Two Awards.

Wonderful Team Member Readership Award.

Time for Awards again!

Its time to thank everyone who has nominated me for several awards in the last few days. The love which we get here in form of such awards is always a treat and spreads a sweet smile everytime we receive it.

.Many thanks to Hira

A sincere simple voice that echoes sweetly through her words.


The straight forward girl with her conviction in self,the voice of today which is sometimes soft,sometimes tough.


Find the intricacies of each corner of India through his beautiful expressions.he paints a picture of every place perfectly in his poems.


Hear the normal thoughts,ideas of a young man from his love to his experiences.


Just dnt dare to open your mouth,she will start checking your teeth 🙂 ! a dentist and a sweet girl having umpteen dreams.

For nominating me for different  awards!



These  awards have different set of rules but I would like to combine all here and quickly tell few points about myself,(as you  all know almost everything about me by now)

I would nominate the following bloggers for the awards!


And the most influential blog award , I pass onto the voice of the spirit ,that Sheri speaks through,which is in itself an illumination in itself!


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More Love…Another Award!.

Back with a Bang. 😀.

More awards and love!

Thanks to Eric of Eric.M.Vogt’s blog ,Trisha(Silent confessions) and Debaroon( for nominating me for the beautiful awards!

Eric is the master of creative imageries,he derives everything from nature and weaves them in a real set of emotions.

Trisha is a wonderful person ,considerate and enthusiastic. Her words in any form are sincere and from the heart!

Debaroon represents the rich culture of Bengal,he speaks in a language where a stage is created in front of our eyes with live characters moving .

ward1 liebster versatileblogger111

The space on my blog is almost full with the beautiful  tokens of love from everyone here on WordPress.

According to the awards I have say 7 things about myself and nominate seven bloggers for the prestigious awards!

Everytime I get an award and speak about myself,I think I have almost covered up everything in the recent days! So a bit of surprise for you this time and hope you all will love the surprise.

My nominations for the versatile award and the very Inspiring awards are!

  1. Bobbie – A mesmerizing world of verses with a soothing note of love.
  2. Sharmishta- stories mystifying,poems gorgeous,knowledge abundant ,you will find here.
  3. Pawan- The voice of conscience echoes with despair and passion.
  4. Wendell- A voice of the Almighty ,an instrument in HIS graceful work.
  5. Muzer- Everconnecting,striver of perfection!
  6. Priconnects- differnt worlds,one of motivation ,one of kinship!
  7. Vinay- Amazing interesting world of short stories and muses!

Congratulations for all the winners and Happy blogging!



I have been nominated….


My heartfelt thanks to Sheri of for considering me worth for the illuminating blogger  award!

What an honour it feels when you get nominated by a person who has thoughts and imaginations as divine and beautiful as she herself is. A voice she has that can awaken a soul, a voice she has which can make you aware of your inner self… The purpose of life beyond the flesh and skin, the noble reason of being  a part of this creation…you can find everything on her blog and her writings!

light bulb concept

The rules of appointment are:

1. Visit and thank the blogger who nominated you
2. Say a few words of gratitude on your blog
and follow the link
3. Share a few words about yourself and pass on the Award to at minimum 5 other bloggers…

Iam a simple ,loving and affectionate person,who gets along well with almost everyone. For me humility is the most precious jewel and realization the greatest virtue. I was an athlete during my school days and played lot many games and sports. Till date I love to play badminton if ever I get any opportunity. I love singing besides writing poems.

My favourites are:

*  Pawan

* Vigil kumar

 *  Nirmal

*  Vimal

*  Millie


Illuminating, Inspiring and Gargie.


My heartiest thanks to Suraiya for nominating me for not one but three awards!Iam not including them here in my post as I already own them . My best wishes and love is always with her.She is a person whom I like the most in this world of blogs and she has a world of her own .Her poems are the  bleedings of the heart! you can feel the pain and the tearing of your veins when you go through her verses.By the way she is a doctor and so she shall heal your bruises … 🙂

Many thanks to Allwin for nominating me for this special award!


Allwin ,if anybody is not aware, is also one of the contributors of the “VOICES OF DAMINI “initiative. He has a sincere genuine voice that expresses the agony and the helplessness of a human alongwith the the need for the awakening of the conscience. He is a new blogger and has enormous potential to etch the world of blogging with his writing!

This is the first time Iam hearing about this award,so let me tell you about the rules too!

1.  Display the award badge on your site.

2.  Publish a post to inform the world of your great achievement

3.  Nominate some fellow bloggers (who have been outstanding in their field
or perhaps who you admire)

4.  Indicate to your nominees that they have received the award… provided
you have completed step three.

I would love to pass the award to the following ones!

  • Wendell
  • Stefan
  • Mei
  • Mira
  • Vimal
  • Gys
  • Sheri
  • Manu
  • Suraiya

Enjoy! 🙂

VOICES FOR DAMINI- Join hands for humanity


A small step in the giant leap for changing the present scenario of Humanity.We all are aware of the recent case of Delhi ,which has shaken the faith and trust of people in the security of women in India. Since ages, there have been several issues against females , even in form of foetus or till the end of her life .

“Voices For Damini ” is an initiative taken by Subhabrata Dasgupta ,a simple 22year old person, who got shook by this incident like others and decided to raise a voice to make people aware of the barbarous acts going on around them to prevent such cannibalistic behavior furthermore.He is  supported now by many bloggers and friends who believe that this irrational,radical behaviour of people in our society should change and time has come for the citizens whether young or old to wake up and voice their fears,security,rights and opinions.

Guarding the security and integrity of citizens is the prime  responsibility of any government and system ,but moreover its the sole responsibility of every person to ensure what he owes to the society.

Humanity is shattered seeing all such cases of brutal murder and rapes.Whether  Government needs to change laws and enforce some stricter ones to check the rates of such crimes going up or the reinforcement and implementation of such laws should be done perfectly to curb all the violence against women is something which will be known with time.But at the same time we all need to get aware,to be alert,every moment ,everywhere.Only a law cannot change everything overnight,it will certainly prevent the criminals from repeating such acts,also have a check on the probability of these crimes.

What is required more is the change  in the mindset of everyone to regard and value every woman as a respectable entity and not as a thing of personal use and possession.

We all need to pledge today to help,\ and save every person that we find in any such critical condition anywhere around us…to reinstate the trust of people once again in the value of humanity.We need to ensure that in every house we instill the morals of respecting women not because they being a weaker sex but for their individuality.Respect each person and his/her  integrity.

We as bloggers do have the power of the words with us,that can reach thousands of people  in no time through our work.

So join hands in this noble cause to save the death of humanity.

Include more and more members in this initiative and spread the word of peace and light.

Like we do for any other  award that we receive for our blog, we have created a logo or badge for people who are a part of this initiative. Please paste this on your blog page as a sign of your contribution towards the cause.


There are no rules pertaining to this initiative,you just have to add people who would seem interested in joining hands with us irrespective of caste,creed,gender,nation,religion.Keep on circulating the message throughout and add people to this human chain.Those who are interested in helping us in this noble work and haven’t been included can contact any of the group members on their blog comments.They will be added soon.

I start with:

Subhabrata Dasgupta

Trisha Dey


Kenny Beechmount







Every contributor is precious and his/her contribution towards the society be  in any  form of views,opinions,suggestions,advices alongwith any form of work in the field that happens in your area,neighbourhood ,city,state will be welcomed and certainly bring a change .Keep everyone updated with your alertness and be a part of constructing a NEW ,BETTER , PEACEFUL AND POWERFUL INDIA !

300th !!!

Hi everyone !

Everyone whom I have followed and each follower who has taken the decision of following me ,its so encouraging because of you all that I could reach this mark of 300th post so easily. It is neither any historical number nor any milestone that I have achieved,but just another milestone on the journey of blogging which somehow makes me feel thankful to all the followers and readers who have inspired me and encouraged me.

I am myself so astonished to find myself writing so many posts and that too almost 90% of them are poems. This world which represents a minuscule of the outer world has given ample opporunities to bloom as an individual and blossom into the most passionate cherishable role.

Iam nevertheless grateful to many fellow bloggers who have supported,accepted,corrected ,rectified me in every way .

I would like to share with you all today a short story which is based on a true life incident.


It was 9.30 in the morning and she  was getting very late for the  school.As she walked past the corridor, a sense of fear shook her back again.

A friend had told her if you just cut out few stitches from the end of your tunic,it will increase in length and will fit you properly below the knees.So you will not have to buy a new one this time and you can use the old dress for the whole year.

Ina few minutes ,she was inside the class  sitting in her place. She was the most brilliant student of the class,who always stood first but was very quiet in nature.Hardly anyone saw her fighting or having a dispute with anyone.

A meek lamb,everyone thought of her or a snob!

She was just 9years old.

Suddenly the class stood up to greet the teacher who had entered the room. She managed to sneak behind the other students ,though she couldn’t manage it.The teacher called byher  name . Mutely she went and stood  near the teacher. The whole class was laughing at her.

A small girl with a white shirt and maroon tunic ,two dangling pigtails on either side ,everything seemed normal. She hadn’t forgotten to wear the  tie either.

Just then the teacher pulled a long piece of the torn tunic that was hanging out down her knees from on side.

The dress was torn and it was clearly visible. She had done as her friend had adviced and it got torn off completely from a place.

The teacher scornfully said,  “You are supposed to be the daughter of a rich businessman,as everybody says, and you aren’t ashamed to wear such a dress in school or is this the style that is in trend nowadays.” And she along with others laughed and mocked.

The little one had tears rolling down from her eyes.

Standing silently,she could not say that her dad had suffered huge financial losses  in last few months and they had to shift to a very small house of three rooms from a palatial place .He was struggling to manage the survival of his family and her mother had been lying on bed due to prolonged sickness since the last few months…