My heartfelt thanks to Ajay, Shawn, Ute  and  Vishal !

For nominating me for these bunch of awards. Iam merrily enjoying the swing of these beautiful awards which are a token of love from them.Since it has now become very hectic for me to post an award,I tried to combine all of them here and yes forgive me for the rules.

Just few days left and I will be off to my vacation which would mean a hiatus from the blogging for while! But before that I had to post this to express my gratitude towards everyone and to share my love with the rest.

Special thanks to Ajayji for presenting different and beautiful ones like the ” ROSE OF KINDNESS AWARD” & “THE LOYAL READER AWARD”.

awesome-blog-content-award best-moments loyal-reader-award rose-of-kindness-award super-sweet-blogging-award21the-most-creative-blogger-award2-from-deo

I nominate the following bloggers for the awesome awards :

Http://theothersideofugly.com :

Sheri needs no introduction,for her words are the daily dose of inspiration to may of us here.

85 Degrees

Udo a wonderful human is an amazing writer who can blend the true adversities of life into a finely woven tale.

A Window Of Wisdom

The window which provides us the illumination everyday with its wisdom quotes.

Alastair’s Blog

Gorgeous photos to brighten our days.


Wise thoughts said in a subtle manner.

Dew Drops

Experiences of a charming lady!

Drops Of Ink

the shade of passion in writing

Ekaterina Botziou

The untold tale of an elegant star!

Eric M. Vogt: Life-Writings

poetry with thoughtful feelings!

Insight. . . !

Diary of a young man!

Just Spoken Thoughts

Soulful intense thoughts of a compassionate person.

Le Drake Noir

Wonderful quotes with amazing pictures.

Manu Kurup

Reviews,stories,poems,photography, You get everything here.


The detailed version of every scenic and touching view!


Sweet reminiscences and experiences of a sweet girl!


passionate verses of love.

Silent Confessions…

musical notes of a young girl in form of her musings.

The Cosmic Poet

The cosmic creations of Nirvani


The touching words of Rachna in form of poems and wonderful thoughts.


The joy and entertainment of Midnight summer’s dream in poems of Yoshiko!

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Iam showered with awards again this time by Yoshiko ,a very sweet person as her name ,who has nominated me for three awards in a row. I feel;  obliged and also very conscious ,as I feel I need to stop taking these awards now ,as many of the posts of bloggers who nominate me are left unnoticed,due to lack of time.




I want to say sorry to Ajay, Shilpi, Matt,Gys,Trisha who had tagged me earlier and also nominated me for several awards ,but I wasn’t able to post about the awards . I might be missing out more names too,please bear with me for I love everyone of you dearly.

Your love and appreciation always means a lot and so do your words.




Sorry Yoshiko due to lack of time ,I need to wind up fast and so leaving back your questions.

I want to nominate  bloggers whom I have not included so far in my list  for these awards who are welcomed by me and all !

http://kazatman.wordpress.com/  The spiritual vision of our soul.

http://thinkspeaktryst.wordpress.com/    The voice of  her spirit and the life in her words sparkle.

http://poorbuthonest.wordpress.com/        The magical world of exquisite collection of paintings from the rarest of all ,where you read a story in every painting!

http://themirrorobscura.com/    The verses of whom remind you of legend of poems.

http://rekspoursout.wordpress.com/      The daily musings of life from memories to  strife.

http://randomaveragegirl.wordpress.com/    The real outpourings of a heart in form of poems.

http://jensysg21.wordpress.com/     A fun loving sweet girl !

http://trishadey.wordpress.com/       The true voice of a beautiful heart ,her world is genuine and lovable,she hates hypocrisy and values affection. I adore her way of expressing!

http://ericmvogt.wordpress.com/     Hard hitting bullets can be saved from but not his words of truth ,courage and deep insight shall spare you from falling in love with the lines.

http://writingisthesupremesolace.wordpress.com/    The most effective sincere and subtly expressed facts through her writings.She is the one  very closer to me.

Enjoy the awards and the nominations!