Here starts the “New Year”

Dear friends,

And here starts another year awaiting new horizons, new dreams and aspirations. So with a pinch of zest lets welcome this new dawn.

Wishing you all a very happy new year.

I climb onto the hill of patience

with a pinch of courage and determination

the gusty ,rowdy winds of destruction

in solitary nights

hell bent to break my twig of faith

amidst the air of depression

whence chokes my throat with

tears of emotion…

…Halt I , for seconds

gaze at the impossible structure,

beyond the colossal mountain wherein

lies the orchard  of my joy  and exhilaration.

with a stroke of red ,full of zest

on the canvas of azure

I walk persistently



until I reach the

garden of my desires.



photocredit:soulsecretsblog.blogspot.comTHOUSAND PETALED LOTUS_001

O ! flying bird !

where doth you perch

beyond the majestic mountains

flows the immaculate ocean of love…

where doth you play

amongst the flora and fauna

the elegant lotus awaits

your transformed persona…

Thousand petals will bloom

when you fly  within

touching the horizon  and diving deep


O! Thundering clouds!


O ! thundering clouds!

shower ! rain thy selfless love today!

in pain dances the alluring peacock…

amidst the jungle ,camouflaged

restless is its heart and the storming weather!

gazing at the grey clouds above

it awaits thy ecstatic drizzle

tired feet ,ache

as endless,becomes the  terpsichore…

The salve to the dreary feet

whilst it moves to the lilting tunes

is in your drops ,O ! sailing clouds!

Rain !

The peacock awaits today for your shower!


Why do I stand beneath the starlit sky
witnessing the grand meteor show
why do I dip my gentle hand
into the freezing stream that flows?

What do I think,when the orchids bloom
Why do I gaze at the autumn fall
what doth run in my mind
when the night breaks into the golden dawn?

What is it that I search for
on the endless path where I walk?
Why do I lie on the grass,
staring above the azure, enrapt?

the mind moves in the quest of its recluse,
the heart explores the world
     craving for the tranquil air,
thoughts seek the poise serene 
     amongst the rustling crowd
wherein my soul yearns for the happiness in despair ...
...And I ,as a whole ,disintegrate ...
awaiting for the ultimate togetherness.



A  sculpturesque you ! In the abidance of  my soul,

quivering the atoms of every vein,

ascertaining the congeniality…

of my inner conscious plane,

the glorious aura divergently radiates,

a magnificent  nimbus decks your image…


over mastered in a different state,

ecstatic within to consecrate…

the invoked enchanted embodiment…

Sanctified was  the ephemeral moment ,

Blessed I became   manifesting the inimitable ,

the mystique enfolding my existence,

whose propinquity gave eternal bliss …

The compassion of the grace,

as the snow of Himalayas melt down in streams of rivulets,

the ablution of my soul concurred…

in the eternal presence…


Iam just a little drunk now,

Not that I get drunk everyday!

Hours unrested, every second moving,

I could not wink for a moment today…

Memories shortlived amorous feelings,

remembering the old times of our dwelling,

shocks of undying love blasted,

intermittently ,I lay flabbergasted…

Unsure ,caducous times,

nothing in the life is everlasting,

A little of wine conjuring my senses,

evoking unbiased reflexes …

Immortal, ceaseless drink of ecstasy,

How will I get spared from thee!

It is the most blissful experience,

where nothing can ever go wrong!

Years and for ages,births to come,

submerged in it I shall sunk…

A drink of love , I had so pristine,

exalted I am in the blessings of divine…








Doting over one another,

Two lives get entwined together,

Adoring amorous souls of nature,

Become one in minutes of encounter.


Strangers  once in the life,

Start living as husband and wife,

With  preconceived  notions in mind,

On the journey exquisite  …


The world changes  abruptly for them,

Added responsibilities and numerous facades,

Umpteen roles to play in the pageant,

Perfectly as noble souls with devoted essence…


Epitome of  love,  sprinkling affection,

Mutual dedication to the fervor commitment,

Associated lives  treated with compassion,

Painfulness and roughness absorbing within,

Smile reflecting on the  faces even while agonizing…


Attached in this birth ,united with each other,

Coupled souls amalgamated for ever ,

Fused with  the sacred threads of love,

Blooming and blossoming together as flowers of heaven…











From the depths of eternity,

to the world of mortality,

moments shared together,

create a niche for the world.


Unnamed bonds, passionate thoughts,

knowing the heart , without a word uttered,

two mortals on this earth,

away from each other since the birth.


Never crossed the roads together,

share the moments of bliss together,

unseen,unknown strings of love,

silken ,coated with heavenly love,

few seconds of  co- incidence,

brings the two lives together…


Pure , selfless feelings conjured,

radiance of  care emitted for ever,

different bodies ,soul one,

will the blessed  moment repeat in future?