the silent prayer

when will the season change
how shall the colours transform
wrath of weather
and so the fall
beauty I perceive and accept
grace I acknowledge and realize
yet difficult is the terrain
hold my hand, O my lord !
when storms blur the path
waves erode the rocks
patience ,I silently rear
in my casket of faith
when turbulences prolong

Autumn Song

in the rustling of tender leaves

I discover a mellifluous tune

which basks in the glory

of the shining sun…

beneath the shelter of

the lovely mulberry…


my ears hear the playful melodies

the noise of crickets

and some frogs playing near,

yet in their croaking voice I find

the melody of the enchanting nature…


the gushing flow of the brook near

flock of canaries swing

with butterflies swirling over

I celebrate the autumn song

of precious earth

in tiny sounds

that I hear!




Let me be alone O! wind of the changing season,
Tis autumn fall,which changeth now,
I want to feel the rustling of fallen leaves
now on the path untrodden…
Let me be alone ! O ! breeze of the new season,
I wish to breathe in the old air,
the zephyr where I dreamt
few strands in hues of love and despair…
Let me be alone! O! troubling wind!
Why doth you caress my hair ,
it reminds me of beloved,
who is far away from my land!!!
Leave me alone ! O ! wind of love!
your intense exotic essence,
perfumes my breath within
as i inhale the flowing gentle breeze!
Come back to me !
when you doth bring
a gift from my love,
a token of fresh kisses
wrapped in satin touch of yours!


Of seasons changing

from autumn fall

new nodes of life

prospered on the stalks,

coloring the new envision

with a fresh green verdure…

Like times drought,

hath seen the dispassion,

sobriety sought the aim

trifled with reason

as every fall knoweth the truth

after the crepuscle comes the golden dawn,

whose rays shall glitter the waves

of the nearby flowing brook.


Spring donned the glamorous colours

arrived on her chariot of flowers,

bidding adieu to the matured autumn,

who awaits with utmost patience…

thence rendering the precious nature

in the embrace of the new season!





From  the deep alluring forests,

when the soothing breeze,

reaches me,

It brings a calm and serene vibe,

in every streak of the  stream…

Even though it travelled so far,

carrying the intense feelings on par,

the freshness is  still  preserved in it,

dwelling as your presence in me…

“Beautiful orchids just blossomed”

the breeze exclaimed in the autumn,

wondering about  the scene there,

I imagined  the lustrous lustre in air…

The touched ” touch me not “shied,

As I pleaded to the breeze ,

“Return to king of the hills”,the one who garlands me,

with the soul of the breeze….

I salute and bow to the

Compassionate one

who cares for everyone..

sending the cupid all the way…

to become my companion…