The minuscule of every matter inspite of being a nanoparticle,
resounds the vibrations of a music that is immortal,
The strings within  the kernel play ,
a profound tone of reverberance…
sonority of whose dwells ,
in the nucleus of each cell…
Plangency of the tunes  floats in the aura,
dampening the  negativism around the persona,
stimulating the ambiance around,
eradicating skeptical ideas…
Music of the nature,music from the heavens,
bedecked with words of glory, 
graces the air,
 diffusing the wondrous magic,
in the zephyr….
Melody of the divinity,
in the resplendence of the deity,
impregnates the atom of every being,
flowing eternally 
with veneration for the Supreme one,
instilling  ardent devotion…


Who said love is invisible,
like the one who is invincible,
immortal ones can never have a glimpse,
of the wondrous sublime essence…
Mountains,valleys,rivers and oceans,
in every atom of the surrounding nature,
fresh breath of pure divine,
air inhaled becomes truly pristine…
To feel the presence and realise the aura,
a deep sense of depth within needs in plethora,
love and god are alike and same,
both need an inner conscience to feel and exhilarate…
The urge to have and craving to be ,
in the closest proximity of the near and dearest one,
let it be the omnipresent lord ,
or in the embraced presence of adored…


In a lotus shaped posture,

he enchants the human form,

chrome coloured soul,

 ready for chrism ablution…

Radiant circumference,

halo magnetic,

heavenly  presence,

bestowing blessedness…

Reflection of continence,

words acoustic,

Glowing countenance,

 is the image of  the Absolute…

Aura reverberating ,

blissful incarnation,

Amidst the earthly beings,

like a human…


 to the yogic trance,

tranquil in nature,

the bodily form…

The universe revolves

around with sanctus,

On his behest,the planets

bow with reverence and admiration,

To such a Master of Divine,

blessed Iam to surrender the soul of mine…