In vacuum search my eyes

a new invisible dimension
where an image exquisite
travels far away to different destination.
through the clouds of time and space
reach I ,in the skies of no man's land,
thousands of asters move around
radiant and effulgent.
Move I with the supersonic speed
feeling the wetness of dew on the skin,
cold become the intoxicating  zephyr
as I reach beyond the
universe with the flowing stream.

watched I astonishingly the unique world
unaware of which ,is the mere human,
entangled who lives in memories
of logical reasoning
forgotten who has the power of the subconscious.

neither a face can I see
nor a body outlined
endless illuminations floating
like colored sparkles in air...
Moving continously through a path
they pause for a second
to greet another and move on...

calm ,serene is the air
souls emit luminance
glittering stars equate as  plain,
ecstasy overpowers the human brain.
blissful is the aura 
spectacular is the diffusion of lightings
awestruck I wonder
of the sight entrancing...
What is thy creation!
O! Supreme soul,
I salute you
for you revealed
your pinnacle.



Through the tunnels of time and space,

when the mind travels without any haze,

searching someone on the unprecedented trail,

In a world of an astral plane…

The journey is terrifying,excruciating,

nauseating like a roller coaster ride,

blackening out the vision  and thoughts,

erasing the memories of a wondrous soul..

suddenly there’s light around,

illuminating the space so profound,


beings moving,

nothing so serene

and so astonishing…

lakes,rivers,nature blessed,

this world seemed to be the best,

no sinful thought, nor any guilt,

the place is like a heaven built…

Before I could search for the being,

an inner voice thrusted on,

This is an ideal place for the soul,

who deserves this heaven  than the earth…

Do not force or pull along,

to bring it back to the deathly ground,

where every moment a soul dies,

before getting on the funeral pyre..

where humility and peace are just few words,

the living race is beyond such terms,

survival and livelihood ,

are strugglers in the living world…


O! Noble soul!…

The moment has come  ,

to depart from this world,

To go to a different plane,

 away from the worldly gain…

How is that  plane different from ours?

One more dimension added or another  lost?

senses five are resumed or ..

something more leaves you astound?

Is it a land of angels ?

or an astral place of heaven?

What do you see ,  O! noble soul!

Have you reached your destination!

Like other souls ,do you still wander along!

 what lies …

 for the souls who had done wrong!

O! noble soul!

all souls are indeed …noble!

But their deeds on this earth,

makes all the difference..



Astringed by the bonds of love,

attachment cannot abate,

how do you fortify yourself..

from the subsequent change…

Is all the severance  natural..

as you leave the worldly plane…

Or are you so mesmerised  …

to be in one with the highest ordeal!