After days of staying away from you,

I heard your voice yesterday noon,

you sounded same as before,

difference was that

you were on a different shore…


Your end had waves sounding lustful romance,

I was on another with the resonating fear,

you could see the beauty and freeness of the tides,

I withdrew from the thought of expressing my vibes…


Once again on opposite shores,

the same sea appeared dissimilar 

for our ardor,

The sound makes you energized,

I absorb them for my silent times…


Your temptations let me think again,

Is this the shore that I had dreamt,

Just at the moment when I realize,

And about to speak of the common tide,

you are nowhere there around,

vanished in the stillness and saffron aura of the  setting sun profound!













An unearthed earth of undulating  emotions,

lay amidst the various stratospheres,

undiscovered, unexplored land of ardor,

barren in form devoid of sprinkled  adorn…



Peasants of different genre approached,

with their skills being intellectuals,

none could assess the nature and depth,

To sow a seed of trust and faith…



The dried land awaited ,

the one who could toil and moil,

for  the ultimate layer of  gravel,

When Blithe shall the bestowed one bloom on it….



The realm in the persevered  way,

Longs for the greenery ,

That would  embellish ,beautify …

as bedecked jewels on its surface,

spreading  within the sense of  erubescence  of  quintessence…



Will you ever hold me as  when we had met,
dangling in your arms of love ,
with the same rhythm of adoration!
I miss the old times, the gentle swing of ardor,
where in the moments freeze within the time,
to be thoroughly melted!
The nearness of the intertwined souls,
the breath of air in between,
the magical tinge of the touch…
the splendour of the colourful world…
Will I ever have those instants ,
instant glow and instant moments,
rejuvenating the heart and sparkling the mind,
in your embrace within no time…
Will I again radiate like the glowing sun
 and spread the fragrance of jasmine in the zephyr…


Away from the noise of the universe,
Lets go to the other end of the world,
beyond the golden horizon,
where thoughts transcend and become feelings,
deeper than the deepest ocean of living.
Away from the melancholy of the heart,
where the garden of our life becomes blossomed with flowers,
creating music with the chords of our love,
singing the tunes will be  the humble sweet birds…
Away from the life so meaningless,
away from the riches and money minded leeches,
to create  a world of our own,
where tranquility and harmonic  thoughts flow,
love and humanity are the gems known,
where a new era of passion and ardor  embarks…