Blog’s Fifth Anniversary !

Dear friends,

It has really been a long time since I interacted with all of you due to my busy schedule of  parallel assignments and work. Yet the quill never stopped and the ink flows incessantly churning out the deep thoughts, embracing with love and weaving them in form of new verses everytime.

WordPress announced today that the’ Blog turns 5′.  So its my blog’s anniversary ! This journey has been possible due to all the lovely blogger friends out here, who have stood with me since years.DSCF4103Each one of you have been equally important in my journey of blogging. This is my first blog and hence holds a special place in my heart.

Thanks to all of you – readers, bloggers and friends. Let me share a poem about birth on this occasion.

Who art thou?

The one who breathes in a cuddle of warm embrace
Tucking memories of every birth in tiny fingers
Whence thou arrive
from which land…?
From the soil of Beethoven or originated from the Rumi’s dervish dance
Had thou runneth beside the Ganga
or thou the leaf from the Bodhisatva
art thou the whiteness of Himalayas
or the pearl of a divine heart?
O! soul! Where art thou from?
While the soft lotus feet curl like petals
Will thou proclaim thy arrival?
O! Little one !
Welcome abode in the depths of our heart…

Thanks and best wishes

©Soumya V






A journey started long back,

with you beside hand in hand,

walking past the bends of life,

with roads ,terrains,cliffs nearby…

Wonder how the days passed!

and we grew up from the cuddled past,

Holding , comforting each other,

in times of distress and troubled waves…

Along the sea we did see,

strong tides of destiny,

washing out our road of luck,

getting back with no sign of harmony…

Together we drew another line,

paved a path in depths of time,

with emotional bonds tight,

faith in the heart that moved benign,

to reach out to the skies,

to the stars that were outshined.

With drops of love …

showering affection,

happiness we discovered in every notion,

be it a rough day or trendy time,

work along or with no job to file,

money never mattered to us…

for we were the children ..

destined to be together in the sands  of time…

I wish and pray for more courage ..

to be able to face every challenge ahead,

with eternal love graced by HIM,

we remain as humble ones engraved! 



Heartfelt wishes



You registered on 1 years ago!   Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging!

So! My blog completes 365 days here on WordPress! Rather disbelieving,for when I registered and started blogging,I just had posted one or two posts for almost three months. then one more around in Jan .It was only in March that I went ahead and increased my rate of posting here. Gradually it became a daily routine and now today the most essential and passionate work for me.




For you can imagine,over 350 poems published in a span of one year ,with the followers and the people who love to read my verses grew to 360+ ,excluding my followers on any other social networking site..I dont pull the crowd and the numbers here, so I leave it to them to join here if they wish. And an amazing number of 32500+ views from every corner of the world..with more than 5000 comments! 

Its the love and the warmth ,the inspiration and the ever green encouragement over here on WordPress that has kept me going on till now and shall further… 

Thanks to everyone,every reader who reads even a  few lines of mine  and can feel the feeling.

Best wishes to all of you!