What makes pain more painful!

The sense of having the ache or the feeling of not being able to perfom the regular duties and responsibilities efficiently? The inefficiency of getting exhausted soon or the pressure that develops around the circumstances?

Is it fearing or is the trouble of pain more fearing?

For me! the pain of my children is the most painful situation ,that I have to go through.The vulnerability of the little ones,when they fall sick or go through circumstances where they experience the pain,is more terrible.

Since the last few days ,my kids are running with high fever and cold. Besides medicines and taking care,inspite of the restless moments,endless struggles and sleepless nights,the moment I sit quietly,I can feel the pain more deeply.Probably it is unexpressed and words fall short fo rit. But the existence of the agony is a part.

Everything else takes a second seat and the concern of their wellness the most important of all.

There are umpteen thoughts going on in the mind and can take form of svereal verses to be written,but my heart doesn’t allow it to be written and posted.As I write instantly and without any preconceived thought, I have no scheduled posts too. For me,my heart is their with them,pining and weeping.

So its outpouring is meant only for them …

Hope the phase ends soon and I begin with a fresh new verse of mine with a smiling heart .


Festival of lights…

Its Diwali today ,the colourful festival of lights..
Light -a source which expels darkness and illuminates our surroundings and us.

In Indian culture , traditional diyas are used to light up every home .

Every corner,every door and each passage is lighted!

True! a corner always needs more light than anything else,for the corners always reamian in dark whether in mind or heart.

Today I just want to wish all my fellow bloggers A very happy Diwali and would love to share the celebration at my homeplace…

With light ! O! LOrd!

Bestow on us the divine grace,

For we grope in darkness..

and keep falling more!….

With your Gracious presence ..

we shall be endowed

with a ray to illuminate our souls…

Language of love

“I owe this to you,”

screamed a voice,

unheeding  the shadow vanished…

following the steps and the marks left behind,

a whining noise went ahead to search in the night…


Through  different bends and twists,

on the pavements ,

beside the inns,

wading through coloured lights,

also in darkness…

Still not found…

pondered he  in wilderness…

tired ,and exhausted,

thirsty and wearied,

he sat down on the …green grasses and weeds,

for few moments he closed eyes and thought,


noises and shouts opened his eyes and he was shocked,

startled to see it was morning,

he had been lying here,

since hours unending…


Confused and thoughtless,he retraced back 

his steps and the ones he had wanted to trace ,

As the house approached near,

the heartbeats went on more and more faster with fear,

apprehending abuses and sadness within,

he stood in the passage of the house’s rear…


Suddenly he heard a voice known,

sprightly he jumped off from the floor,

dashing ahead to the living room,

he found Ron sitting on the bag of bean…


Reaching him and getting near,

his eyes got wet …

he licked and licked till Ron brushed aside,

caressing his collar black and white,

“What happened my boy,

where were you last night”…

I came back just after few minutes of fight..

I had hurt her,my love of life ,

 so how could I leave, in  a spite

but you were nowhere to be seen…


Mute tears flowed through Whisper’s eyes,

those spoke the language of care and love…


Who said animals cannot speak…

They have their own language to weep! 



For every loving daughter!  Few words from the  heart of a mother! My daughter is very small ,but today I wish to post about daughters from each corner of the world who have adorned their parents house with love and affection by their presence…



















On a blessed morning ..the golden voice I heard,

sweet as honey,

melodious as cardinal,

dazzling the surroundings by  your presence…

with  an aura you welcomed in our lives,

the sphere of happiness to rejoice…








Crawling tender knees …moving the places,

turning,changing sides was a so  picturesque,

with small steps you gradually toddled,

falling and shaking on our nuances…


Golden straws of the blue expanse ,

you picked up  up with love,

to build our home,

bonding , attaching every string amongst everyone!


Small tiny  fingers held,

the pencil,the pen wherever they went,

colouring,painting,writing dreams,

books to read and more to examine…









Like beautiful bud, you blossomed,

swaying freshness with tranquil pleasure,

fragranced petals of your life,

will soon be carried away from our life…


Bedecking the world of someone you love,

far away to a different world,

the golden straws that you had brought..

still lie there even in drought…

missing your gentle touch of affection…

and your echoing laugh unsung…


the garden of our life…

seems lonely without your smile…

But somewhere we are contended…for 

our little girl,

is now somebody’s wife! 


adorning his world,

tying new strings…

busy again in her own beings…

with her little ones to watch…


A new nest of warm nestle,

with cuddled little ones of her dreams,

The little one now upkeeps this life,

to bring sprightliness in  everyone’s smile…






An embrace!

I wouldn’t mind holding you and losing myself in you,

as the breath of air merges  and blends together,

difficult to distinguish mine from yours…

Close enough to feel the thundering beats ,

my pulse increases when they vibrate me…

feelings intensify, compounding in multiples,

emotions potent of great secure…

stirring the mind are the stimulating senses,

evoking moments ,

 intoxicating smoke fills the atmosphere…

Intriguing thoughts in the mesmerizing eyes,

hypnotized gets the disillusioned  mind,

 bewitched with the  torridness

You and  me in such a splendour,

in your arms,

lies immense enchantment ! My dear!

The soul speaks !









I  ain’t a normal being,

born to be just as another human,

Learning the ways of life,

socializing with different facial attire,

I am not born to be mere

a statue of beauty and charm…

I am not on this earth to fulfill the desires,

for which the world longs….

I am the one who blossoms and blooms within,

eradicating every evil,

wiping out the volition of a sin,

I am here to pervade my fragrance of pristine affection,

in the lost woods of the mind ,

filling the void hearts of anyone around..

with my intense devotion…

I am chosen to be the one,

infusing enthusiasm,

to initiate the kind of zeal ,

on the path of spiritualism…

What can chain my soaring feelings..

for the one divine above,

Who blessed my soul ,

to be a mother of great men on this  earth…!!!


Whispering words I absorbed,

as they came with the fragrant gust of thought,

lingering feeling overwhelmed the spine,

that you missed me for a  moment some time…

The experience of knowing ,

the sense of  realizing,

the depth of the feeling …

That canorous music rings in my ears…

Inspite of being  trapped in  the adverse conditions,

pinned down by extreme pressures,

a  sentiment in your bosom  so caressing originates…

so carminative… my  heart resonates…

Words of gesture or,

words of love,

they conjunct us for an instant,

as  the essence is rendered.

Contour of the emotions

symbolize a crest and trough,

As I feel the spirit of the affection….



The stimulus to persuasion was very delicate,

few encouraging moments of converse in sync,

simultaneous effect of the tete-a -tete between,

mesmerized under a captivated link…


Conceding and responding to the sensitive expressions,

requires poise and conviction in self assertions,

numerous times ascertaining the disposure,

I accepted it as god’s will against all endeavour…


Not everyone dwells within to decide,

a path so intricately divine,

harmonising the surrounding with sincerity,

yet travelling on a course so pristine…





Sweet memories of golden moments,
when we were far,still hearts connected,
filling the space in between ,
with the radiation of the warm feelings…
Tied together by humble words,
strengthening the bonds of affection,
verses for you I had written,
unknowingly out of my concern….
distance for me never mattered,
your presence is the diamond…
forever bedecked on the ring,
of my soul and aura’s gleam…


So I’m way down?

 You  questioned

with a doubt?

forgetting the faith profound…!

Do I need to explain this,

“My thoughts reflect in my words

 which display the depth in deep,

 you are the one who understood,

the sense lying within…”

The status,position doesn’t matter,

hear what  the heart says in the clutter,

writing your name in golden letters!

Is what I wish  in the near  future…

Affection emanates like a river,

that has the source  within,

Simple thoughts ,

true feelings is what Iam!

reasoning and explanations,

 have no meaning…

 My heart pristine,

is overjoyed when it hears

your steps or voice…

your words matter the most,

in the world of the  chaos…

love for a soul,

is a gift of mine,

which I received

from Divine…