shook the canopy of firm beliefs
law of impermanence wins
I rush aside to pinch,
O! Thee !
 Is this the truth or
a  destiny fragile!!! 
what is perpetual,ceaseless
 besides the sun,moon and innumerable stars
rivers floweth, and clouds walk
over the destined path…
nature invariably incarnates
transforms and regains
tis only the human,
which neither forever remains
nor lives as in the body of flesh
without being stale…

the essence of creation,
the fragrance of flower
the blueness of heaven
the serene flow of river
the smile of a baby
the soul of a human
ne’er die
contrary to the law of impermanence
of the Universe!
then how shall , me and Thee !
leave indelible marks
tie ourselves with the ne’er opening knot…
Tis ! the divine that binds us,
Tis the force cosmic that fastens us in
bonds of  ancient births
kindling the flame twin, in souls
enlightening the darkened eleventh door,
Tis the ethereal cosmos,
life obeys the law of the Absolute one
in every age by his norms!



Stillness in the breath, silence in the heart,
waves of your voice resounding in the drought,
unseen…unheard,never encountered,
Finds bliss in moments of solitary rapt…
Captivated by rhythmic words of love,
immersed in the depth of unsung verse,
spellbound by the fascination created,
with the aura of your enthralling presence…
Invisible threads woven around,
silken soft strings tied with care profound,
strange indefinite bond of ages,
cannot be named within limit and cages…
Essence of the souls somewhere,
Have been together in some trance,
Births before or galaxies amidst,
Attachment is supremely absolute and genuine.


Feeling of thy presence in the  circumference of life,

Realising thy eminence in the contours of life,

Revering your magnificence within the norms of life,

Worshipping your reminiscence in every birth of  life…

Learning in every experience of life,

loving every person coming across in life,

spreading happiness around the surroundings of life,

believing in humanity in every phase of life….

Admiring the beauty of the nature around,

adoring the creations of thou abound,

devoting the thoughts and feelings of life,

to the Absolute…

Surrendering the soul of my life,

 by assimilating with the one divine…

Is the endeavour of my life,

To be blessed with the privilege 

to be an atom in  the dream of divine…


In a lotus shaped posture,

he enchants the human form,

chrome coloured soul,

 ready for chrism ablution…

Radiant circumference,

halo magnetic,

heavenly  presence,

bestowing blessedness…

Reflection of continence,

words acoustic,

Glowing countenance,

 is the image of  the Absolute…

Aura reverberating ,

blissful incarnation,

Amidst the earthly beings,

like a human…


 to the yogic trance,

tranquil in nature,

the bodily form…

The universe revolves

around with sanctus,

On his behest,the planets

bow with reverence and admiration,

To such a Master of Divine,

blessed Iam to surrender the soul of mine…