A  sculpturesque you ! In the abidance of  my soul,

quivering the atoms of every vein,

ascertaining the congeniality…

of my inner conscious plane,

the glorious aura divergently radiates,

a magnificent  nimbus decks your image…


over mastered in a different state,

ecstatic within to consecrate…

the invoked enchanted embodiment…

Sanctified was  the ephemeral moment ,

Blessed I became   manifesting the inimitable ,

the mystique enfolding my existence,

whose propinquity gave eternal bliss …

The compassion of the grace,

as the snow of Himalayas melt down in streams of rivulets,

the ablution of my soul concurred…

in the eternal presence…


In a lotus shaped posture,

he enchants the human form,

chrome coloured soul,

 ready for chrism ablution…

Radiant circumference,

halo magnetic,

heavenly  presence,

bestowing blessedness…

Reflection of continence,

words acoustic,

Glowing countenance,

 is the image of  the Absolute…

Aura reverberating ,

blissful incarnation,

Amidst the earthly beings,

like a human…


 to the yogic trance,

tranquil in nature,

the bodily form…

The universe revolves

around with sanctus,

On his behest,the planets

bow with reverence and admiration,

To such a Master of Divine,

blessed Iam to surrender the soul of mine…