built on the stacks of love

rendering moments with finesse and compassion

oh! so is the mansion of life

fitted with murals and sculptures of moments miniscule

would anyone bother to have a look

on the intricate work of bonds in details

will any glance ever realize

the pain of gathering the same

Often, everything gets lost in the long way

except the structure that

stands and the hands

which stacked the bricks…













The lonely tree

On the longer dreaded path of the solitary journey, when farther appears the destination
Tornadoes blow the dust in air
Winds speed for a resurrection
Scathed are feet
Clouds become grey before
Any conjecture
There would be a lonely tree
Standing amidst nothingness
To absorb the hurricane
And embrace and shelter…
Halt for a while, o mind
Let the soul breathe
Rejuvenate and
Walk again to the destination ©soumya

Few steps…



few steps and we cross

the gateway of earth

after the crisscross of clouds and few norms

we land on an altar

of stars

beneath , the world appears minute like a dewdrop

here ,we stride in cosmos

beside the planets in backdrop

can we hold and pick them up

place in orbits as we thought?

Life or destiny

can it be aligned and designed as

we presume and want?




When bloomed the palash  flowers

brightening the blue skies of my world

they set the emotions on fire

letting those  buds nip off the branch 

smearing the nostalgic

ethereal dust in plentiful measures

scarlet or saffron ,

the deep tinge evoked endless sensations

which reverberate with the atoms of universe

in a seeking of finding its own abode

whether at feet of the creator

or lying unnoticed on ground


shrivels the petal

with arrival of different season.



My eyes wide awake

When the night breeze silently moves over the sleeping land
echoes as a lullaby to the  travelers on earth,
my eyes wide awake  watch the vast sky,
yearning to be embraced in its affection.

Those twinkles shine
beats my lonesome heart
dropping few pearls on the soft grass.

Smiles the world,
laughs the mass,
haven’t you seen ever the ruling night star?

Whom could I sayeth

what could I do

incessant tears flood
my invisible ethereal as I withdrew

thoughts inward,
emotions hemmed and sewed

Reverberating feelings dance anew

Tis nothing

but a
sense of overwhelming gratitude

a word of mute conversation
between  Thou & I

the magnificence

for the piles of  courage & compassion

infused within me




IMG_20171222_182102When immersed the petals in
lingering orphic cadence of thy love
I quivered and trembled
is it true or a mirage
far in desert?
miles away when the stars dazzled
reoriented we
to come closer in the Milky way's heaven
continuous strives
and I still count the infinite moments
I would walk beside thee
at the sunset of our life
merging in each other




Pick them up

the scattered breaths of remaining moments

somewhere they disperse , thy scent

mutely absorbing thine voice in my veins

await as they, the ephemeral

time of being together.

while the orchids showered on a barren patch

and snowed the sky with soft love of whiteness

I walk along the placid frosty lake

…wishing to be gathered in repository of your composure…