Monologues of Life


Monologues of life

I converse

a scream of silence echoes in infinite corners

what if, what if not?

burglar questions rob my heart

whilst the world moves constantly

me and my monologues sit in peace and converse quietly…


A rage inside, sometimes a storm behind,

a heartfelt emotion or endless passionate musings

how would I, how should I not?

random talks in between

me and my monologues sit hand in hand under the dark

A word of respite or phrases of delight,

a sulking feeling or share the ecstatic night

like the flowers dangling on a full moon night

me and my monologues sit and listen to each other

as companions of life



Thou as tall as the majestic Everest

thy length can never be measured in yards

thy width expandable as the vast azure

I lose my self in the blueness of thou  ! Krishna

in thy depth is the ecstatic endless ocean

I immerse and submerge

in the sublime waves

to dive deep

and reach the zenith of bliss.



Poets speak truth,

I presume

in between lines and words

metaphors wrapped in a cosy shawl of emotions

personified as a beautiful bird flying to the unknown destination in a

a silent night

sailing through fluffy clouds of hope and desperation

they assume

they fall,

they rise and

sometimes become stagnant.

Poets write, poets bleed,

their priceless treasure

the hidden thoughts

those emerge on the blank pages of

a journal

@Soumya V


Paths of time

and thus ends the day

with a warm cup of coffee in my cold hands

near the cosy fireplace I sit and write…

tis the cold gust of wind rushing through

the tiniest split , between that of the old wooden door…

While it shivers my spine for a moment

and freezes the slender fingers

secluded from your embrace this night.

Hasn’t the aroma of delicacies relished your appetite

tis music time of nature outside…

the fragrance of exotic flowers and the light smell of secreted

fir bark and pines…

wish I to walk amidst these forests

you beside me

and us

treading on paths of time.

©Soumya V


O ! Sleep !

O ! Sleep! where art thou hidden
behind the grey clouds hovering on my terrace
or beneath the deep sparkling ocean,
Where have thou disappeared
from this zephyr
while I await with dark eyes
thy arrival…
I don’t wish to be cradled
neither be sung , lilting songs of birds
in between sighs of my existence...

Where art thou,
O ! Sleep!
here Iam abandoned…
amidst the crowd of blabbering talk
amongst the noise of endless screeches
embrace me in thy arms
to take along
in thy realm…
wher art thou ! O ! sleep!
miles away a twinkle,I glimpse
come to me ,in silent steps…
under the satin spread of stars heavenly…