Tireless eyes-

Tireless eyes– watch the setting sun’s scarlet mask a young morn, enfurling petals The lonesome cacti in sordid desert orchids blossoming as fragranced love in cold hearts of summer… What if they become tired and close for few moments Nay! The noisy chaotic shimmer of dutibound survival shall enforce them to be wide open… not… Read More Tireless eyes-

Beads of love !

photocredit:www.pearlhours.com the falling dew beaded in the string of my love as tiny translucent pearls echo and sing thy name and disseminate my scent Weaving a wondrous prized necklace adorning thy neck kissing, the round soft nape a jewel of pride and passion gets created around the sensuous arms embraced by which the dew drops… Read More Beads of love !

The delicate quill

photocredit: google images the delicate quill scribbles lore of sordid life amidst the society of racial protagonists and authoritarians few drops emerge on the paper red scarlet, yeah ! they are grievous tears fallen by tormented excruciation. the words sharp, pierce the autocratic system which hath remained despotic since ages and years ..will the ink… Read More The delicate quill