A thickened smog spreads
visibility  ends,
should a ray of light
guide the world,
through the dense barricade.
darkened life,
horrific surroundings ,
humans cease to live
conscience within if  guides the way,
doomed is the future of the earth

Cannibals existed  in prehistoric times,
stone age showed the evolution sign,
centuries took to origin of species,
transforming and being phylogenetic,
the path suddenly seems reversed,
or is it lost in the shrouded cover,
every corner speaks of power,
chaos ruling minds of Bedlam.

where is the destination of this voyage,
the smothering dark cloud of rage and wrath suffocates,
shearing this impenetrable  isn’t easy,
who will be then taking the initiative?
generations will swipe away thus,
will anything be left called mankind ever?




From the gravels of earth uprise fumes,
vapors hot and morbid get emitted
decayed signs of poison appear
buried underneath the soil vestal,
chokes the smoke of the dormant volcano
lying inactive,
molten lava runs through the lanes of feared minds
flaring the irrupt
depravity rots the system in its veins
breaking out deep crevices in the heart to disbelieve…
In muck have they grown smudging with mud,
the blood stains too remain unobserved
a shroud thick insensitive to shreds of humans,
covers the slayed conscience like a corpse of humanity,
yet the messengers of cacophony rule the minds
of the country
deficit which is of noble hearts ,
once the epitome of spiritualism!
Would thy grace, another Krishna
incarnate with a crusade ,
to wipe the savage of this land

yet another Mahabharat to foretell!





Furore in the seas,
storming skies,
winds trembling,
I fear a catastrophe coming by!
Demolishing the statue of compassion,
storming within the bodily temple,
crushing the petals of love forever,
bruising the altar of the soul…
What makes your spirit…
plunder more!
Is it sadistic pleasure
or the mighty power …
frustration of your failure,
or dejection of your existing stature!
Nature wraths in fury,
when devils overpower the earth,
whether impersonated as humans,
or as destructive forces that shear!
Beware of the disaster that shrouds,
If such blunders reoccur,
Mankind will suffer every second,
When the universe shall shiver in a way profound!





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Feathers of courage – a beautiful message for women

If your feathers ever fall off
from your colourful plumage,
due to pricking
or pulling of your mane,
or because of harsh ill stricken ways,
don’t lose your heart…
let the fallen feathers find their way…
For you will have the new fresh ones..
growing sooner within days of sun and few drops of rain!
Let the feathers become strong
and again magnificent to face a storm,
Fly back with the grace you own…
and the newly born courage!
Make them the fierce fighters …
who can withstand any situation,
lashing back at the hands…
that lay on them even from unknown destinations,
Make them sharp and vibrant…
that everyone is struck with awe…
by seeing the beauty reflecting
and the fierceness
of the flying fledges…
along all the walls ,
that you come across!





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