The delicate quill

photocredit: google images the delicate quill scribbles lore of sordid life amidst the society of racial protagonists and authoritarians few drops emerge on the paper red scarlet, yeah ! they are grievous tears fallen by tormented excruciation. the words sharp, pierce the autocratic system which hath remained despotic since ages and years ..will the ink… Read More The delicate quill

The Last Breath The last breath and the heart sighed Alas! Will my eyes close without a glimpse of the promise made, through turbulence and storms,I have struggled…in an urge to sip a drop of immortal falling innumerable times, often stuck in between, With zest I pulled over off the dark plunging well of loss, and continued… Read More The Last Breath


DEATH I simmer in the boiling emotions of past Oh! death ! it isn’t that easy to sleep in thy arms, before the world awakens in duty is immersed my heart. Would thou ever survive a second in such life , craving for a glance… Oh ! death! thou ignorant of the mortal ways of… Read More DEATH

Thy! Majesty!

Where wander thy! The lost prince   of the unbloomed heart, deserted who my kingdom,to travel far awaits the lotus within to blossom with thy magic wand! Whose call ,makes the universe rotate Winds changeth directions Fish forget to swim and sink in deep When thy flute resonates. Soul dances in ecstasy mind loses its knowledge… Read More Thy! Majesty!